Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Midweek Blast From the Past! (3/15/17)

Today's "Midweek Blast from the past" is a song that I love so much, it's ridiculous. 

Trax "Blind"


Guys, this group breaks my heart. I have been a HUGE fan of TRAX for YEARS. 
Since the very beginning where they were a creepy 4 person rock group, to now when they're a 2 person pop rock group. 
They are THE single most underrated Korean rock group of this century. 

You can absolutely guarantee their songs will be on the "Midweek blast from the past" in future weeks. 

This song is heartbreaking, really. 
Along with Jay's vocals, this is one of the most amazing Korean rock songs ever. 

Who knew such a face could pour out such a voice?

This song came out in 2011. And I promise you, even after all this time, I bet you never even knew about it, did you??

SM completely just screwed over TRAX because they didn't promote them as well as they should have. That and because they had a rough start being creepy rocky. Which was more popular in Japan than Korea, which is why they did okay in Japan. But the problem is that you have to do well in Korea to stay a mainstream group and they just didn't have the following they should have. 

This song will forever be my favorite song by them, but it's not the only great one. 

I love mostly all of their songs. 

They actually just released the first song in about 3 years since Jungmo went to the army and the group took a hiatus. 

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