Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Midweek Blast from the Past (3/8/17)

New segment alert!

So basically this segment is self explanatory. Each week I'll reminisce about old songs. This is anything before 2016. It can be as near as the end of 2015 to the 1800's. There's no telling. 

Today is a very popular song that's been remade SEVERAL different times because of how great it actually is. 

먼지가 되어 (Becoming Dust/I'll Become Dust)

This song was originally written by Song Moon Sang in 1976, but was recorded by his wife Lee MiKi in 1987.

It wasn't greatly popular then. 

In 1991, Lee Yoon Soo sang it. 

But it only skyrocketed to popularity once Kim Kwang Seok sang it in 1996. 

Since then, this song has become absolutely LEGENDARY.

One of my most favorite renditions of this song is Ali's version of it on "Singing the Legend 2"

Instead of putting the video, I'm just going to link it. This is because the episode is hours long and if I insert the video you'll have to search for her performance. Instead I'll just link it so that you can start at the right time :)

Her performance was flawless and just so full of feeling. It's one of the most underrated performances of "Immortal Songs  2" to this day. 

Next we have another one of my absolute favorites which is Roy Kim and Jung Joon Young's version. Rock version. This song is actually on the blog, so if you come around or stay around long enough, you might have heard it already. 

Roy Kim's vocals anyways just send shocks through my body. I have a serious obsession with Roy Kim's voice. He sings like no other person of this time, really. His voice is so unique and flawless. I could listen to him sing ALL... DAY... LONG. Literally. 

And he's quite a looker;)

But also Jung Joon Young is one of my favorite voices of the Korean world also. I'm weak for men with deep voices, yall. Forreal. And then singing with deep raspy voices? DONE. Just DONE.


My absolute favorite version of this song was featured on Kim Jong Kook's "Remake" album. 

I know, I know. I talk about him so much you are going to start hating him. 

But no, guys he sings to my SOUL. And I don't normally like such high singing people. But he has such a beautiful and unique voice. It's just amazing. And he sings the song so beautifully. 

And of course, I just love him. 

김종국 사랑해😽💖💖

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