Thursday, March 30, 2017

New Obsession - K.A.R.D

Today I want to get into a subject I have been working on for awhile now. This would be K.A.R.D. 

Guys... This group has hit the kpop world like a dumptruck! And my heart. 

It's hard for me to find a group where I love all of their music and personalities and vibes. There's usually either like one that really stands out, or there is like 2 that I just can't really like.. Or I like all the members, but can't stand the music. In K.A.R.D's case, I love them ALL and I LOVE their music. 

They're so unique and not just because they're a co-ed group. Just the group itself is very unique. They have a different feel and a different quality about their music. There have been other attempts at co-ed groups before and they all crashed and burned. This was partly because they were way ahead of their time.. Co-ed groups in Korea just weren't really accepted until now.. The times had to change a little bit and revolve.. And also because they just didn't have the right sound. 

K.A.R.D is so widely accepted because of their new age style music and their abilities. Everyone has a great voice and dancing capabilities. 

My bias? I am happy to tell you it is BM. 

Let's go into why.. 

BM has hit me like a TRAIN.

Yo I'm not even joking. 

Here I am minding my own business and out pops BM out of nowhere. I had no prior knowledge of him. Nothing. I was completely in the dark. (Of course this was my own fault, but still)

Here he comes with his tall bean pole self dancing his way into all of our hearts. 

I mean I started to question my 7 year bias relationship with Kim Jong Kook. And yall know I can't be doing that! 7 years of memories and he came in and wrecked it all. 

BM has become my ultimate bias wrecker. Meaning that out of all groups, he's trying to become the bias of all bias'. 

So let's dive into why I bias BM so much. 

1. I really have this thing for people who just look like I could be friends with them. BM has this vibe that just really appeals to me.. Like I think we could hang. So I want to be friends with him. He's funny and friendly and cool. Like I subconsciously call him Matt now, but for the sake of keeping it talking about KARD, I'm putting BM. 

2. His deep voice just hits my soul. I LOVE deep voices. Like weak. 

3. Dance skills. DANG. I mean, they all are amazing dancers. But this guy... 

Lord Help Me....

4.He's tall.. Yall, I have a thing for tall guys. His name is Big Matthew after all. 

5. Guys, if we're being real here BM is just my ideal type. Lol I'm not even gonna put off this fact anymore. He's literally my ideal type. Yall saw them muscles? I know you did. Dude knows he's sexy too which makes it worse. 

So this concludes my obsession with K.A.R.D

Below is all the things you need to watch K.A.R.D related. 

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