Monday, April 17, 2017

Bunny's Hip Hip Corner!!

Glad to see you here again! We'll continue with our HIGHGRND series, and this week is.....


Incredivle was actually the first rapper signed to HIGHGRND. I saw him on SMTM, though he wasn't my favorite I always thought he had the talent. He featured on SMTM 4 on Tablo and Jinusean's team. Unfortunately he was eliminated at top 6, but signed with HIGHGRND right after elimination. 

I'm really waiting on him to come out with something, but looks likes we may have to wait a little while. :( He has featured in some of others works though so he's not missing from the scene by any means. 

What's your thoughts on Incredivle? Does he tickle your hip hop nerve? Or is he what you've been looking for? 

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