Monday, April 10, 2017

Bunny's Hoppin Hip Hop Corner!!!!

Hey everyone how are ya'll doing today! Welcome to another post of HIPHOP CORNER! So I have a video to share with you guys. I think a lot of ya'll know now that one of my favorite rappers is Tablo. As stated before, he has a new-ish (2016) "sub" recording label of his own. HIGHGRND. HIGHGRND's main focus is underground hip hop, but a lot of their artist so far are from different genres. One of the first on the recruit list:


Code joined the team as a producer and since then, I've been real hopeful for some of his works. Code has now worked with people like BeWhy, MINO, Lee Hi, Loco, G.Soul, and many more. His new song released about a month ago Fire Water (ft G.Soul & Tablo)  is growing on me. 

Who doesn't love playing with fire. Though I know there must be some artistic reason for him being surrounded by water like a one man island, I'm still lost. Looks like fun though. When Tablo showed up I literally cried with joy, and the "I made the bed for you, you can ZZZ in peace" line had me like DANNNGGG make my bed lol. G. Soul's voice in this video just fit so nicely like it was made for this song.

Code Kunst has been working hard since his signing though. songs like:

My personal favorite >>>>>> (I love BeWhy I can't help it ) 

Did I mention his album? Muggles Mansion HOW COOL IS THAT!!!! 

 My Favorite from it?

Check him out when you have time ... and stick around for more HIGHGRND artist, coming soon.

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