Tuesday, April 18, 2017

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More form HIGHGRND.


This band consists of 4 members. 

Oh Hyuk (vocals, songwriter, guitar) 

Im Dong-gun (bass, with occasional guitar)
Lim Hyun-jae (Lead Guitar, but occasional bass)
Lee In-woo (drums)
Hyukoh is not really a genre people think I listen to, but to me it's kinda like a Idie-pop-rock-ish kind of feel. I think it is a good listen when I want to relax and do homework or house work when I'm not trying to "turn up". Oh Hyuk's voice has this growl to me that makes me go, " OH OKAY YOU SING THAT ISH".  Hyukoh is the first band/artist/group to join HIGHGRND when the label was made. I actually before writing this post had only heard of the Wi Ing Wi Ing. I knew that they were apart of HIGHGRND, but hadn't really listened to any of their others. Now that I have I think my favorite one is probably "Comes and Goes" 

But a lot of you may have heard of them through their appearance on Infinity Challenge. 

However you find new music doesn't matter it's all about the feeling you get when you listen to it.
I've always hoped that people may read my post and maybe go...hmmm I like this I want to listen to more. I'm not going to lie most of my stuff I listen to I found on YouTube clicking around. But you should always listen to music that makes you feel good. Hyukoh is just a band that makes me feel good.

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