Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Midweek Blast from the Past (4/19/17)

Midweek blast from the past! My favorite day of the week!

Today features one of my all time favorite groups of Kpop.. And the most underrated in my honest opinion. 

U-KISS - Forbidden Love

Yes, this was one of their Japanese songs. Honestly, I feel like sometimes their Japanese singles were better than their Korean ones. But then again I loved ALL U-KISS so everything was just amazing. 

To me, UKISS is severely underrated.. And I loved them with a serious burning fiery passion. And swore at one point I would marry Eli. You can see how that went. LOL!! But that phase passed after I found Kim Jong Kook anyways.. He's my eternal husband. My eternal One Man. 

Back to topic at hand...

Forbidden Love. 
Probably my favorite of their Japanese releases.. This song has been a favorite since it first came out. 

And looking back I realize how much I miss old U-KISS... Ya know, Dongho.. AJ... KEVIN... :( 

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