Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Midweek Blast from the Past! (5/31/17)

Sunmi (선미) - 24 Hours (24시간이 모자라)

The biggest thing that always stuck out to me about this song was the guy back up dancers. Am I wrong? They really stand out. Reason being is not because they are handsome (which they are).. The reason is that the most feminine parts of this song they also do. Which is odd because most guy back up dancers when there is a feminine part, they have to do another implemented move or are coupled with girls so they don't have to do the feminine parts.  The guys here do the dance just as feminine and nail it twice as hard. They are dancing goals. 

You MAY not know!! (Bunny Edition) 5/31

So this next artist and last one of the series is ...


So I found this girl on YouTube YEARS ago like SO LONG AGO, like even before I was into Kpop and music, like FOREVER AGO ya'll lol . I honestly didn't even realize she was Korean until one day I saw her on Kpop Star (forgot the season 1 or 2 I think) then I was like I KNOW THAT CHICK!!!!!!!!!! (She must have been nervous because she didn't do well on her audition)  Anyway, she's one of those artist that really switch around things. She takes a song and totally changes it. 

These are really old videos, but they are just some of my favorites of her's :D

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

You MAY not know!!!! (Bunny Edition) 5/30

So on today's post!!!!!


So I find that not a lot of people know her at all. Maybe I'm just not asking the right people. I find a lot of her songs really good and she's one of my favorite singers. I THOUGHT she was with YG entertainment, I might be wrong, but she sure doesn't have a lot of hits if she is.

Take the GD song for instance. Every one remembers CL singing that song not a lot of people knew lydia did it first.

But lydia pumps out some really good stuff.

Anyway no matter what the cause I still like her.

Monday, May 29, 2017

You MAY not know!!! (Bunny Edition) 5/29

Today's song on "You MAY not know!!! (Bunny Edition) 5/29"

Fine Apple By Woo TaeWoon

So all of you by now know how much I'm obsessed with Woo TaeWoon.
Well this is one of his new songs. And I've been obsessed with it since it came out. It's another feel good song to me. It to me shows how much he's grown as an artist. He's not going to give up and I LOVE that about him. KEEP FIGHTING BABY... I just love this guy so much I'm sorry ya'll. he just makes me smile. If you haven't heard of him you really need to listen to him. SUPPORT THE  WOO BROTHER!!!!!!! thats my new slogan hahaha.

^^^^ previous post about him.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

You MAY not know!!! (Bunny Edition) 5/28

Today's song is.... *drum roll*

Champagne & Candle

So this one is a little old, but when I first heard this song is what started me on Brand New music. If you don't know who Brand New is they are (to me) one of the biggest Hip Hop Labels in the industry.  Artist like Verbal Jint, San E, and Phantom (to name a few) .I don't really remember how I came on to this song, but this one of the first hip hop songs I really really really liked. That was ... 3 maybe 4 years ago. I wish they'd do more stuff together, but they don't. I just love the song. It's gotta a really good vibe to the song just a party song.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

You MAY not know!!! (Bunny Edition) 5/27

On today's song!!!!!!!

PRIMARY(프라이머리) _ Mannequin(마네퀸) (Feat. Beenzino, Suran(수란))
OK so i'm going to be honest I just watched this video because it had Beenzino in it. But When I listened to it for the first I was like WOOOOOOOO.... I LOVE THIS!!!! 

It has a great jazzy feeling to it and I really fell for it just to grove too. I turn this song on in the kitchen and I'm cooking up a storm.

Friday, May 26, 2017

You MAY not know!!! (Bunny Edition) 5/26

Here's another song people may not know. I actually found this song cause I watched the drama... Why cause my hubby was in it duh!!!!

Secret Message TOP
So the drama is not one of his best in my opinion, but it was good. And any excuse to hear my hubby sing is a MUST. So every is used to the sexy beast that he is. The voice the flow just all around.... omg BACK TO THE TASK AT HAND BUNNY!!!!!!!... This song shows a different side of TOP that a lot of people don't see. I think it shows a vulnerable side of him.
I love his singing voice so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *if you could only have heard how hard I pressed those ! hahahaha *

If you haven't seen this drama you really need to it's well worth it. The song to me is almost like a lullaby. I that's cause he sings to me every night!!! hahahahahahahahahaha I LOVE YOU HUBBY!!!!!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

You MAY not know!!! (Bunny Ediiton) 5/25

For the next several day's I'm just going to talk about Songs you may not have heard of ... or some of my favorite songs.

So on today's list....

Eyes, Nose, Lips Tablo Verson. 

So we all know how much of a Tablo fan I am. His lyrics just speak to my soul. Well when I found out he was doing a cover of TaeYang's "Eyes, Noes, Lips" I was ALL ON IT. And when I heard it and found out it was in English...Omg.... I literally cried. 

This song was just another one of his that just made me cry. Lyrical genius this man is.

you left me paralyzed, no cure, no rehab for me
funny that you got the nerve to keep asking me
how i’ve been
you’re the victor in this pageantry
but the only trophy you deserve, catastrophe
i’d rather we be dead to each other
no eulogies said for each other
no “rest in peace”s
the memories got my chest in pieces

i’m praying that your eyes are the first to go
the way they looked when you smiled
the way they opened and closed
and your nose, every single breath against my neck
and then your lips, every empty promise made and said
please fade, fade to black
please fade, fade to black
but the nightmares come back

because your eyes, nose, lips
every look and every breath
every kiss still got me dying
uh, still got me crying

because your eyes, nose, lips
every look and every breath
every kiss still got me dying
uh, still got me crying

forget a promenade, let’s juggernaut,
down memory lane, leave no thought alive
to the slaughter house, i’m taking my pain
time to sever my brain from my heart and soul
my knees are burning hot, but God is cold

I’ve been told, one day you’ll know
too much of heaven’s a sin
after the show, it’s only hell that it brings
so take it slow and let time heal everything
they say that time flies, but you keep breaking its wings
you’ll never fade, fade to black
please fade, fade to black
but the nightmares come back

because your eyes, nose, lips
every look and every breath
every kiss still got me dying
uh, still got me crying

because your eyes, nose, lips
every look and every breath
every kiss still got me dying
uh, still got me crying
you wish me well
you wish me well
i wish you hell

i never want to look into your eyes again
no, i never want to hear you breathe again
let me go, let me go
baby, tell me that it’s the end

 because your eyes, nose, lips
every look and every breath
every kiss still got me dying
uh, still got me crying
the tears drive me out of my mind

because your eyes, nose, lips
every look and every breath
your  kiss still got me dying
uh, still got me crying
crying, crying
fade out

Even if you don't like Tablo I think you'd like this song. And the video is gorgeous as well. Everything about it just..... omg.... I LOVE YOU TABLO!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

You MAY not know!!! (Bunny Edition) 5/24

On today's You may not know!!!!


You remember Hi-Lite? Well Reddy is a part of them. I've liked Reddy for a while and he's getting more and more popular. Though, I think he has gained popularity from his features, but I've loved some of his new stuff. He's defiantly worth a listen.

Probably his most famous one is the one with Jay Park.

But personally I like the ones with his Hi-Lite people.

Reddy was also on Show me the money 5. He was one YG's Team with Zion T and Kush. It's also rumored that he may have tried out to be apart of BTS as well!! But then again so are a lot of people.

All that aside he's definitely someone you should look out for. If you are looking for someone new.

Pedonoona Chronicles ~ BTS - Jimin

Are you ready for the sexy? Can you handle it?


Stage name: Jimin
Birth name: Park Ji Min
Busan, South Korea
Siblings: Brother (younger)
Languages: Korean
Religion: Unknown

Jimin's role in BTS is vocal and dancer.
Now let me remind you that our lil Jimin was only 17 when he debuted. 17!! Which brings me to a topic I want to talk about. The name I chose for my posts. Yes it is "Pedonoona" No, I am not a Pedonoona. Please do not come to my post and complain about my using the word Pedonoona. It is meant as a joke and if you can not see it that way, you can always choose NOT to read. I say this because I have had SO FREAKING MANY people tell me I should stop using the phrase. No I am not. I OBVIOUSLY am not one or I wouldn't be declaring it on the Internet. The reason I use it is because I am 40. I have 4 kids ranging from 22 to 12. These Kpop idols are GORGEOUS and yes sometimes it makes me feel a little weird to think that these idols that are the ages of my kids are HOT so that is where it came from. Please just take it lightly and enjoy the chronicles. Thank you.

Back to Mr. Sexy. 17. It should be illegal what this boy was doing at 17. Going around grinding all over the place. Trying to be all sexy (who are we kidding...HE SUCCEEDED!)

Do you see what I mean?

Here's some more pictures in case that was not enough (and you know it wasn't!)

TOO MUCH SEXINESS FOR ONE POST!! So now you can watch him be goofy!

OK, have to stop here. Computer is getting hot and I am starting to get weird looks from people in the library!

Tomorrow is another day though!!

~The Korean Drama Queen!

Midweek Blast from the Past! (5/24/17)

I actually wrote a blog post on this group recently.

And because I seriously love them.. This week's blast from the past will be 

NELL(넬)  - White Night (백야)

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

You MAY not know!!! (Bunny Edition) 5/23

So on today's You may not know. 

Lim Kim

So she's not anywhere near Hip hop, BUT I love her music and not a lot of people know who she is.  Her voice is so unique it's unreal and I love her so much.

My favorite of her's is Love Game.



okay so I can't choose which one I like more. I just love her voice she's so cool!!! I want to be able to sing like that.


I actually have found a group I love this year. MAP6 has become one of my favorite groups. 

I found them when I was going through Youtube and found 'Swagger Time' which was like the best possible thing I could have done. 

So then I wrote a "Groups You MAY not know" on them.

Where I think I make it obvious that J.Jun is my bias. 

Speaking of that series, I'm suppose to be catching up on the days I've missed.. But because this song is out, I can't. Ughhhh. Distractions, distractions. But at least it's a good one :)

So yeah, MAP6 is back with 'I'm Ready'

And when I saw that I literally screamed... In my school library.... Yes, it's that serious. 

Not only do I love this groups sound, but I love that they're super cute. 

My heart will forever belong to J.Jun though. I don't even have a bias wrecker in this group. It's just NOT POSSIBLE!

Pedonoona Chronicles ~ BTS - V

Say hello to my bias wrecker, V!

Stage Name: V
Birth Name: Kim Tae-hyung
Place of Birth: Daegu, South Korea
Birthday: December 30, 1995
Siblings: 2 (younger brother and sister)
Languages: Korean
Religion: Unknown

V is a singer, song writer and dancer. His role in BTS is Vocal. V also plays the saxophone. During his time in the group, he graduated from the Korea Art School in 2014 where he then enrolled in Global Cyber University. 

I think it is kind of crazy that with V's popularity that there is not more written about him. I will have to do research and update this later!

Here are some of my favorite pics of our V!

Sorry, I could not resist putting those last GIF's in. He has a serious problem with that tongue but I am sure most of us are thankful!!

I will leave you with a final video of our funny man V!

Come back tomorrow for another wrecker!!

~The Korean Drama Queen~

Monday, May 22, 2017

You MAY not know!!! (Bunny Edition) 5/22

Today's on You MAY not know!!!


So people wonder why I love Kisum so much, Her music to me is just easy to the ears. The beats she chooses to spit on is kinda of an indie feel too it. But the reason I love her the most..... is this shiizzz...

Jessi is good at what she does nothing against her. She's beautiful, talented, and lets be honest she can spit too. THAT BEING SAID.... Kisum killed her in that battle.... ripped her a whole new one. Ever since that moment I've listened to all her stuff.


Kisum has a nice voice to me, and like I said she picks her beats well. It's like her beats are just meant for her voice, and I like that about her.

Who's on for tomorrow?hmmmmmm????