Tuesday, May 23, 2017


I actually have found a group I love this year. MAP6 has become one of my favorite groups. 

I found them when I was going through Youtube and found 'Swagger Time' which was like the best possible thing I could have done. 

So then I wrote a "Groups You MAY not know" on them.

Where I think I make it obvious that J.Jun is my bias. 

Speaking of that series, I'm suppose to be catching up on the days I've missed.. But because this song is out, I can't. Ughhhh. Distractions, distractions. But at least it's a good one :)

So yeah, MAP6 is back with 'I'm Ready'

And when I saw that I literally screamed... In my school library.... Yes, it's that serious. 

Not only do I love this groups sound, but I love that they're super cute. 

My heart will forever belong to J.Jun though. I don't even have a bias wrecker in this group. It's just NOT POSSIBLE!

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