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Groups you MAY not know! (5/12/17)

Today's group is different from the rest of the groups I have done thus far. They aren't a K-pop group. They're Korean. But they definitely aren't pop. They're a rock group. And they're more towards Indie Rock. When I started this series, my main focus was going to be K-pop groups who you don't know. But as I was going through my Youtube recommendations today, I realized that there is a much more underrated rock group that doesn't nearly get the light or popularity they deserve. I didn't even plan on putting this group on the list, but I felt like they definitely deserved to be there.. This would be..

NELL (넬)

I'm actually quite ashamed of myself as I've noticed that I haven't written any blog posts on NELL at all. But I've loved them for the past few years. It makes absolutely no sense how underrated they are when they continuously put out good music. And mind you, I do not listen to a lot of Indie Rock music. But these guys are like the real deal. I'm telling you. You see these other rock groups in the Korean music industry get really big and a huge fan-base, but NELL is the most underrated but best rock group out there. They're known for their sound and their lyrics. Their lyrics are more on the sad/depressed side. Like they've really been through some stuff, ya know? And they have what has been described as a psychedelic sound. Which makes sense. Especially if you listen to their older stuff. 

They have been around since 2001 where they started performing in clubs, ya know, as most rock groups do. They use to be a group under Woollim Entertainment. Which is good for some people, but I think NELL needed a better company for them. Maybe they would be doing a lot better at this point. So after they ended with Woollim, they decided to make their own company called "Space Bohemian" and are now doing their own thing. You go guys!

They've released 9 Studio Albums and 3 Extended Plays. Their third studio album Healing Process was chosen as one of five best recordings of the year by critics. Their fourth studio album Separation Anxiety was a hit in South Korea, ranking number one in various album charts. 

I got into NELL when I found "White Night"

I can't even begin to process the fact that this song was released 4 years ago and it still doesn't even have 1M views on Youtube. It's such a great song. Such serious and deep lyrics.. The video is just emotional.. This song literally is a masterpiece and takes my breath away. There are no other ways to explain this song. 

There's really no way to explain this group other than they're NELL. They are so unique and interesting and seriously push out some of the best rock music I've heard in the Korean industry. They don't conform to what society labels as rock music or what the mainstream groups do and for this I have such high respect for them. They stick to their style, their music, their own originality. It's actually really refreshing because most groups whether they are K-Pop or K-rock or anything really change their style and become what is mainstream. This group doesn't. Perhaps that's why they don't have the following they deserve. But that's also why they need to have the following they deserve. They don't change. 

Don't believe me when I say they're the greatest? Just ask Sunggyu from Infinite.

Anyways.. Moving on.. 

The group consists of 4 members. Each bringing their own flare and awesomeness. 

Kim Jong-wan (김종완)

Name: Kim Jong-wan (김종완)
Position: Vocal, Guitar, Keyboard
Birthday: December 24, 1980
Nationality: Korean

Lee Jae-kyung (이재경)

Name: Lee Jae-kyung (이재경)
Position: Guitar
Birthday: May 13, 1980
Nationality: Korean

Lee Jung-hoon (이정훈)

Name: Lee Jung-hoon (이정훈)
Position: Bass, Tambourine, Keyboard, Vocal
Birthday: November 11, 1980
Nationality: Korean

Jung Jae-won (정재원)

Name: Jung Jae-won (정재원)
Position: Drums
Birthday: August 4, 1980
Nationality: Korean

Just a side question... Is it a requirement or something for all groups that the drummer have the best visuals? Just saying. Dude's nice looking.

Like I said before their song "White Night" is what made me love them. But they have alot of other good songs. 

Such as these:

And many many many MANY more that you can look up and find yourself. LOL! I figured I needed to stop putting videos otherwise this post was going to be forever long. 

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