Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Houston trip and K.A.R.D experience.

Hey, lovelies! This post is late because the concert was on the 7th.. But I was waiting for Subkulture to release the group photos which they just did last night. So today! You get blessed with my K.A.R.D and Houston experience overall. 

First things first, here's how the trip went. 

Everyone in my house went to bed super early the night before (or tried, in my case) because we had to wake up early to make the 7 hour drive to Houston and check into the hotel and be back in the middle of Houston at H Mart by 2 o'clock. Yeah. 

So we left the house around 5am on May 7th to make the journey. Around 1-ish we arrive in Houston, but we have to check into our hotel. Which was actually an hour away from where I needed to be. 

So we check into the hotel and we head back towards downtown Houston. (Which was filled with alot of laughter, anger, and tears because KDQ ended up on the tollway and didn't know there would be tolls)

So we arrive at H Mart at around 2:15 

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and we think we're late. Nooope. The line for JRE had just started and we weren't that far away from him. 

(In line)

So then we get up and meet JRE in all his craziness. 
(That face explains it all)


So we get through that and the 30 seconds we got to spend with JRE getting hugs and pictures and whatnot.

So then we had alot of time to kill because we weren't meeting my brother until around 4 and it was only like 2:30. So we explored H Mart. Which is like my own little version of Heaven. And I would have taken pictures had I not been so super freaking excited and floored by all the amazing things around me. 

So walking through H Mart we saw a bunch of people with boba tea. Now me and KDQ have been wanting to try this stuff for like EVER, but we live in Mississippi and no one has it here. Ugh. So we found out that in the same shopping center a few places down was a tea house called simply 
"My Tea House". 
Located in Houston, TX. 
I recommend the Mango Milk Tea. 
I don't like boba. 

I got the coconut milk tea and KDQ got the mango milk tea. Her's was better, but they were both so good. 
Except boba. 
I don't like boba. 
Did I already say that?

So 4 o'clock rolls around and we meet my brother for dinner.

I couldn't even eat, dude. At this point I was like freaking out and on the verge of a mental break down. BM would be IN MY FACE IN LESS THAT 3 HOURS LIKE HOW WAS I SUPPOSE TO LIVE?!?!?!?!!?!??!

Well, somehow I survived and made it to the concert venue. Where I was pretty sure I was going to die, still. But it was okay. I was okay with dying there right then because it was the happiest I'd ever been like in my life and because well.. I got to see BM the God in person. Dude. He's gorgeous yall. And he looks better in person. Just. Saying. 

So... Concert. Videos will be below!

(You can click on the pictures to bring them up bigger)

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{Super Kidding}
[Maybe Not]

So yeah.. Concert was FREAKING AMAZING. Like I'm literally at a point where I have no words for it. And I'm seriously going through Post-K.A.R.D Depression right now.. So this is actually hard for me to write because I genuinely just miss them. Is that nuts? Like I just seriously miss them and wish they'd come back and stay. Makes me want to cry. I'm just psycho. Yall know that. 

Directly after the concert is over, it's time to take picture. 

And that's how I became the 5th member of K.A.R.D

Even though I look like a super ugly potato.. Ugh.. Still. 

Just an FYI... J.Seph smells pretty great, yall. 
Also I told Jiwoo thanks for coming in Korean and she could understand meeeeee. And replied with thank you and an adorable smile. 


So after the concert gets finished we head out..

(Further proof he really is my brother. As if you needed it. You can just tell)

Headed back to the hotel and tried the snacks we bought at H Mart. 


Then the day was over and I was depressed as crap. 

Next day, woke up went to the pool at the hotel. 

(MUAHAHAHA I pushed them in)

And then went home... It's all kinda still like a dream to me.. And being in Houston made me come to some really big realizations and started me on a path where it's about to get really crazy, scary, and exciting all together. 

So here are some other pictures from Houston!!

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As you can imagine, it was a pretty awesome trip. And K.A.R.D was just the coolest ever. 

There's definitely a valid reason why they are my favorite group out right now. 

Thanks for reading, lovelies! Next time K.A.R.D comes around, I'll be there again.

Big thanks to K.A.R.D for coming to Houston! Was such an amazing experience and yall were too cool! Until next time, brothas and sistas!

-HAS Shanea

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