Monday, May 15, 2017

My new obsession (AND IT'S NOT KOREAN *GASP*)

Do not be shocked. The following blog has NOTHING to do with Korea or Koreans or Kpop or Kdramas.


Do you know him? If not, you should! 
Phung Ngoc Huy is a Vietnamese singer/actor who is very popular in Vietnam but not so much in America yet. We really need to change that. I recently went to his concert at Ameristar Casino and I am telling you it was LOVE at first sight. This man is not only gorgeous, he is really talented. I love to hear him sing and shake them little hips of his! WOO!

Below is a few pictures and videos that I took.

Phung Ngoc Huy and I

After the concert

My signed CD

Isn't he just the cutest? His music is really not that bad either. I really like the beat. Just have to get past the language itself!!

Stay tuned to my future blogs. I may start adding my own branch of music from different countries (other than Korea)

~The Korean Drama Queen~

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