Monday, May 1, 2017

New Monthly Series!

Hey there, lovelies!

Just wanted to update you on things happening in May.

This month there are 2 series going on. Me and Bunny are doing a "MAY" series about things you MAY not know. Or groups. 

HAS Shanea - Groups you MAY not know
This series is about groups that are not mainstream popular, groups that need more recognition, or just new groups that have come out. 

Bunny - You MAY not know (Bunny Edition)
This series revolves rappers and their lives. 
The break down of artists and underground artists.
Things you may not know about them, rappers you may not know, etc..

We're really excited to do this series. Especially me because it makes me do research on new groups I never even knew about. 

Stay tuned!

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