Monday, May 22, 2017

Pedonoona Chronicles ~ BTS (Intro)

It has come to my attention after watching the BBMA's last night, that there are still some people out there that do not know who BTS is. Shocking right? Like, I expected to see BTS happiness flooded on my FB feed, but sadly there was not. (looks like I need new friends)

Just for future reference, BTS in this case does NOT stand for Behind The Scenes.

So who is BTS?

BTS (also known as Bangtan Boys) is a South Korean boy band (Male Kpop). The group is under BigHit Entertainment. If  you ever watch the videos, you will know who they are just by the intro sound. The group debuted in 2013 and have been going hard ever since.

The group consists of 7 members.

Rap Monster

(Ya'll I just made a BTS Christmas Tree. Can I be the present under it?)

Anyway. Get to know these names. Since they were the FIRST Kpop group to ever be nominated for an award at the BBMA's and the only group to ever WIN an award at the BBMA's, I am sure that they are going to take off even more from here.

This week, I will be dedicating to BTS. I am going to do a Pedonoona Chronicle on one member a day. Make sure you check back this week for your favorite bias!

~The Korean Drama Queen!

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