Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Pedonoona Chronicles ~ BTS - Jimin

Are you ready for the sexy? Can you handle it?


Stage name: Jimin
Birth name: Park Ji Min
Busan, South Korea
Siblings: Brother (younger)
Languages: Korean
Religion: Unknown

Jimin's role in BTS is vocal and dancer.
Now let me remind you that our lil Jimin was only 17 when he debuted. 17!! Which brings me to a topic I want to talk about. The name I chose for my posts. Yes it is "Pedonoona" No, I am not a Pedonoona. Please do not come to my post and complain about my using the word Pedonoona. It is meant as a joke and if you can not see it that way, you can always choose NOT to read. I say this because I have had SO FREAKING MANY people tell me I should stop using the phrase. No I am not. I OBVIOUSLY am not one or I wouldn't be declaring it on the Internet. The reason I use it is because I am 40. I have 4 kids ranging from 22 to 12. These Kpop idols are GORGEOUS and yes sometimes it makes me feel a little weird to think that these idols that are the ages of my kids are HOT so that is where it came from. Please just take it lightly and enjoy the chronicles. Thank you.

Back to Mr. Sexy. 17. It should be illegal what this boy was doing at 17. Going around grinding all over the place. Trying to be all sexy (who are we kidding...HE SUCCEEDED!)

Do you see what I mean?

Here's some more pictures in case that was not enough (and you know it wasn't!)

TOO MUCH SEXINESS FOR ONE POST!! So now you can watch him be goofy!

OK, have to stop here. Computer is getting hot and I am starting to get weird looks from people in the library!

Tomorrow is another day though!!

~The Korean Drama Queen!

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