Wednesday, May 17, 2017


This will probably be my favorite post (as of right now)


Once upon a time there was a Queen who traveled to the land of Houston in search of her King. She heard he was hanging around outside of the markets of Chinatown. As she approached the main market, she could see that there was a line of young men and maidens waiting to meet the King. 

As the Queen approached the crowd, she caught a glance of her King. He was standing there dressed in all black and he looked magical.

The Queen had to push her way through the crowd to get close to the King. When she was finally in his presence, he took one look at her and smiled. The aura around him turned brighter and he showed pure joy. He reached out to embrace her and the Queen melted. They wanted to capture this magical moment so they asked nearby patrons to take a picture. The picture was of The Queen, her royal subjects and the King.

The King was not ready to depart yet so a few more pictures were taken. 

The King was trying to act so cool and calm but his true feelings were shown as his Queen was about to leave.

Can you see the pain in his eyes? That pain was nothing compared to the pain that the Queen felt as she had to leave. The rest of her days were filled with sadness and despair. 



GAH! OK for real, this was the best experience so far of my life. If only you guys knew how much I absolutely LOVE this guy!! I am serious though when I say I was depressed the rest of the day and I still get sad when I think about the fact that I only spent about 30 seconds with the guy. We will meet again!

Has anyone else met JRE? What was your experience like?

~The Korean Drama Queen~ 

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