Monday, May 1, 2017

You MAY not know!! (Bunny edition) 5/1

So I'm starting a new segment here at HAS and I'm doing some artist you may not know. In this segment I'll talk about some underground artist and maybe some crazy facts about some you may already know. SOOO Lets Get To It!!!! First on our list of Crazy may not knows.....


 You have to keep in mind when I get into these underground artist, that these are the real deal people. This isn't your typical idol rap some people are used to. There is nothing wrong with idol rap. I think you guys can tell I'm a fan of both. But that being said underground rap is a whole new world. To me it's a "harder" type of music. I'm not going to lie I F!@#$@#'s with it lol, but I just wanted ya'll to understand that this kinda music isn't for everyone. I say listen to music that makes you feel good though.

Konsoul is one of my favorite undies. I mean look at him....YUMMY !!!! I found him while  researching on some other underground people. Even though Konsoul has been underground since at least 2012 he's work with some of my favorite people, The Quiett (remember him). And actually he was apart of their rap group, VYVE, along with Rude Paper (we'll talk about him later) and Dope Doug. Like I stated before Konsoul is a different kind of rap. He's more.....rough...and raspy then most. I like him though, my favorite is Man in the mirror. 

Konsoul also worked with some people you may know Loco for instance, and another one of my favorites. 

But you should defiantly try out some of his others.
<<<< favorite of all AND LOOK IT'S PUNCH!!!

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