Thursday, May 11, 2017

You MAY not know!!! (Bunny Edition) 5/11

Hey ya'll today we got....


I first saw G2 on show me the money like usual lol. I honestly kind of forgot about him until his new singles and features recently. But I'm glad he came back on my radar because right now some of his songs are my favorite out. Remember HuckelberryP from yesterday? check this song out.

But he has so many more songs that I really enjoy. Honestly I don't really know what it is about him that I like. He seems to pic his beats well. And he always picks the right people to feature with as well.

^^^^ favorite show me the money song he did.
Though he ranked pretty high in show me the money he got beat by BeWhy and CJamm but he still up there to me.

I hope you take more of a listen to some of his other songs. If you haven't looked up Hi-Lite records you should.

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