Tuesday, May 2, 2017

You MAY not know!!! (Bunny edition) 5/2

With day number 2 and with the next few days I'm going to break down a couple of artist from the same rap group. A lot of them from this group you actually know quite well, but you may not know that they are part of this group. Lets how many you know. The group is called Jiggy Fellaz ....I have talked a little about them already, but this time I'm gonna brake them down a little more. Below is a video where most of them are... not to mention one of my FAVORITE groups.

This was a LONG TIME ago, but you may recognize some of the names. You see why I love Basick so much ;) he's my boy for real.

But today we are going to talk about...


Not going to lie Sleepy is one of my favorites in the group. (besides Basick) I didn't think I'd like him as much as I do, but he has a style all his own. It's kinda sad you don't really hear from him a lot anymore. He did some stuff with a group called Untouchable with two other people. 
(my favorite I'll talk about Rude Paper later.)

Here's some of his stuff.

I JUST LOVE HIM SO MUCH YA'LL. I hope you do too ;)  stay tuned tomorrow for some more of the Jiggy fellaz ;) 

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