Wednesday, May 3, 2017

You MAY not know!!! (Bunny edition) 5/3

Today's artist is!!!! *drum roll please*


What attracts me the most about Deepflow is his old school hip hop feel to me, and kind of reminds me of Dr.Dre ( I know like WHAT!!!) I just get this old school lets take it back to when hip hop just started. Most of his songs I can just sit down and just head bang too. Not gonna lie he's my second favorite underground guy. Like I seriously can listen to his music on repeat and just like TURN UP. Man has talent. There is a reason that they call him Deepflow. Boy has a FREAKING SICK FLOW. He's worked with so many others too like Vasco, Don Mills, and Huckleberry P (post on him later). I found him through Jiggy Fellaz and I was in love with one of his verse from a video they produced.  Now he's apart of Vismajor Company. I'm still kinda new to them to be honest and don't know a whole lot about them.

Favorite song by him. Big brother.

But I also like these:

   (we'll talk about legit goons later as well)

He has so many others that I can't help but to bump too. I hope you guys take a little look.

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