Wednesday, May 17, 2017

You MAY not known!!! (Bunny Edition) 5/17

Okay so today is one of my favorite Korean rappers out right now.  And I actually thought I had written an entire post on him, but I guess I just decided to save him and do his features.


^ post including Dumbfounded.

I love the sound of his voice. And is he not like one of the sexiest things on earth.... marry me... please? ..... anyway..

The first ever video I ever saw from him was his HARAMBE

This video had me ROLLING ya'll. At first I was like ...this dude is rapping about a monkey...then I was like DANNNGGGG THIS DUDE GOING HARD ABOUT A MONKEY lmao

My favorite video of his is his Safe video.

But his new stuff ?!?!?! who can go wrong with Tiger JK, Simon Dominic, and yes EVEN Dok2 (grrrr) This song just came out yesterday, but already TURN UP!!!!!!!

Gotta admit though my favorite song of all time from him....

He really has this laid back kind of vibe in his rap and I love that. It's like he almost plays with it a little and doesn't show his full potential. I see you doing yo thang though dumb and I approve for sure ;) .

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