Monday, June 26, 2017

Afterthoughts: Suspicious Partner (Intro)

HAS Shanea here. Starting another 'Afterthoughts' on dramas I watch. However this one is different. This time I'm going to attempt to do it episode by episode.. I have this problem when watching dramas. I get too hooked on them and completely forget to write about them. Then I end up at the end of the series with 0.2 blogs written about it and not enough long/short term memory to remember everything I wanted to say about it the whole time I was watching it. So hopefully this will go well :)

So this 'Afterthoughts' will be on Suspicious Partner (Love in Trouble for all Dramafever watchers)

Initially I was thinking of starting 'My Secret Romance' but alas Ji Chang Wook won me over in the end. Because where can you go wrong with Ji Chang Wook, am I RIGHT?!

Watching the previews for this drama on Dramafever's facebook is really what made me want to watch it. I love how Dramafever shows like the critical romance stuff, but they never fully give away the whole story line. After reading the description on Viki, I realized that this drama is not ANYTHING like it's depicted on the previews and I'm quite excited to start it. 

Who doesn't love a drama with drama, correct?

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