Monday, June 26, 2017

Afterthoughts: Suspicious Partner/Love in Trouble (Episode 1)

Episode 1 - 장래 희망 (Plans for the Future)

The episode starts out the gate with drama. The writers waste no time in getting started with the storyline. Usually there is some character insight at the beginning of the drama. Not with this one. This one starts out with with butt grabbing perverts on a subway and false accusations. Butt grabbing is always a sure way to get someone hooked into a drama. Am I right? 

The whole scene is utterly hilarious. I mean this guy was straight caressing the booty. But the best part was that she ended up telling the guy who actually violated her to report the innocent guy. 

I also had a nice laugh reading the Viki comments of girls saying things along the lines of "WELL I WOULDN'T MIND BEING GRABBED BY JI CHANG WOOK" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Flash back to real life after the pervert situation was... not handled.... dropped momentarily. Eun Bong Hee was on this side of town for a reason. She got an anonymous text message that her boyfriend was cheating on her.. Man, this scene was the WORST. Like I've never wanted to reach through the laptop screen and punch a character so much in my life. 
Because once the guy WAS caught, he used the worst excuse ever. "I'm still young. If some girl seduces me I have no choice. BUT I still love you". Oh boy. The rage was real. 

BONUS: That part was epic. Yes, girl. You threaten to break that arm. Hehehe I can relate >:) Cheating is the worst.

But I do have to say.. Why does Chansung make such a good bad guy? Like he fits perfectly in the role and it's upsetting. 

And she says she will get revenge by sleeping with the first guy she runs into. What are the odds of running into the guy you just accused of being a pervert and then asking him to sleep with you all in the same day? 

The best thing about this drama so far I think is really that everything just ties together. Such as the pervert being caught and brought to her prosecutor's office. Or that the guy she accused of being a pervert actually ended up helping her regardless of whether she caused unnecessary drama in his life. 

Then the fact that both of the main actor's back stories revolve them being cheated on basically. It's very relate-able. 

I'm also really happy to see adult dramas. I mean the lovey dovey cutesy 'girls don't kiss back' dramas worked for me when I was younger. Like I loved Heartstrings and all of those dramas in that era. But recently the South Korean entertainment industry is really growing and branching out with their story lines. They're including sex in dramas which was completely unheard of a few years ago. Not that a drama needs sexual implements to succeed, but the fact that it's a lot more grown up. Real world type scenarios, you know? 

But one awful thing I have to point out... The end of the episode.. That was the weirdest thing ever. It literally just cut off mid clip it seemed like. Mid sentence even. And credits rolled. It doesn't make sense. It irritated me immensely. It's not even a cliff hanger. It was just a cut off mid-scene. 


Try to bear with me as I go through through these dramas. I kind of passed off the drama baton to KDQ, but as I watch dramas I miss writing about them. It's a learning experience getting readjusted to writing about dramas. Thanks for putting up with me! :D

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