Friday, June 2, 2017

Fathers Recognition Month (Week 1)

First post of the month is going to be my favorite, probably. 

If you have read this blog AT ALL, you would know that I love U-KISS with a serious burning passion. 

So of course, the first Father to be recognized is Eli Kim. 

Eli is just amazing to me. He's such a good dad and husband. It shocked a lot of people when he announced it, but now everyone just loves watching their happy little family. 

I don't necessarily want to say that Eli being a really good dad is a surprise to me, because it's not like he showed signs of not being capable. But when you think of idols and babies, you don't think they would go together since the life of an idol is always so busy and hectic and stressful. However, Eli had a bit of luck that U-Kiss is the most underrated group in the whole industry. This way he could have a family and build a life aside from being an idol. And he's rocked it. He's done so amazing and it seriously warms my heart. 

^This video is probably my favorite among ALL videos of Eli and little guy. How adorable are they? Minsoo is just the cutest happiest little baby in the world and Eli is head over heels in love with his son. It's seriously just a great thing to see. 

I think Asian babies are the cutest babies in existence anyways, but there's no denying that Eli's baby is just the cutest little guy. Those cheeks. THOSE CHEEKS. 

We can already tell that Minsoo has really good genes as his mom is gorgeous and so is his dad. 

This little guy is going to be a rock star. 

Or an actor. That would be less stressful than a rock star. 

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