Friday, June 9, 2017

Fathers Recognition Month (Week 2)

Week 2! 

Ricky Kim

Ricky Kim has always been a favorite of mine ever since watching 'Let's Go Dream Team'. 

Asher gave everyone a super big scare at the beginning of this year. He got really sick in Thailand and apparently couldn't walk. They had to go see a specialist in LA. But now he's back to normal. Good as new. And we're all thankful. 

Speaking of Asher.. You guys remember when everyone was like OMG HE LOOKS LIKE KAI?

No? Here's a reminder. 

I still think this is one of the sweetest things. 

Isn't it just precious??

Thankfully Asher is alright now thanks to all the prayers and good doctors he saw. He also has a great daddy.

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