Sunday, June 25, 2017

Korea's Dads (Bunny Edition) week 4

So this week I was really wanting to do several people. I had a lot in mind. But I just couldn't make myself do it...because I really wanted to honor one man. My Dad.

My dad is probably like the coolest man alive. I've been not the nicest of kids (trouble from the start) but even with that he has been nothing but my back bone and support since I was small. I resented him for the longest time and though I pushed away from him he was always there to pick up and put me back on my feet. When I feel like I've messed up or I've failed my dad has ALWAYS been there to say well "Jeniveve humans in general will fail. We fail each other, but more importantly we fail ourselves. If you aren't willing to learn from your failures then there is no point in life in general. In order to make ourselves happy we have to fail, we have to try, otherwise how do we know we aren't good at it?" 
My dad has been there for lots of people not just me. He makes me laugh when I don't think I can. He supports me when the world turns their back. He's my rock, my protector and everything a girl can ask for when she thinks of what a dad should be. 

I am SO lucky that I have a dad that I can look up to and count on when I need it, because there are a lot of people out there who do not have that in their lives. 

I just want to say one more thing before I close this series down. For those out there who have lost their dad I will as I am writing this take a moment of silence.............

I lost my mom 8 years ago and I know all to well what losing a parent feels like. My condolences and prayers are with you and I hope that our fans here at HAS live a happy life full of love and compassion. 

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