Saturday, June 3, 2017

Yezi Comeback

Thats right ya'll you read it right. YEZI HAS A COMEBACK!!! and lawdddd if she ain't on fire ya'll.

She looks so hot in this video ya'll. I'm brutally honest when it comes to woman 'cause I mean ... I am one but like this chick is just so pretty to me. TOTAL GIRL CRUSH. 

When I got the notification on my phone she had dropped one. BOOOOIIII I WATCHED IT THAT SECOND YA'LL .. I was so excited..... just look at this video. So sexy!!!!!

It has this middle eastern belly dancer type feel to it .. AND THE CHOREOGRAPHY.... OMG!!! SO LIT!!! yes ... I just said lit deal with it.... But anyway ...Yezi is one of my favorite female rappers. And I just HAD to do a post on this video because it's so awesome to me!!!

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