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It's my Birthday I'll TURN UP WHEN I WANT!!!!!!! 7/27


Just do what he says and their wont be a problem ... well that's what he tries to tell me lmao. Forever my boo. It was love at first sight and unfortunately for some it's their loss. I LOVE YOU TOP!!!!!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Midweek Blast from the Past! (7/26/17)

The infamous "Don't Worry, Dear"

Originally by Jun In Kwon of Deulgukhwa in 1985, this song has become a Korean legend. 

Since then, the song has been remade a number of times. Here are a few of my favorites. 

D.O (EXO) and Jo Jung Suk:

This is my absolute favorite. This was for 'Hyung'. The emotional roller coaster of a movie that left me in complete emotional trauma. Dramafever fans, it's on Dramafever as 'My Annoying Brother'. It's nothing like the previews and trailers show you. I promise you. I cried so many times....D.O is probably one of the best actors I've seen lately. Especially with him being in an idol group, they usually aren't the "BEST" actors. 

So this song really was so unbelievably sad for me since it was part of the OST. 
Not to mention, Jo Jung Suk and D.O just pair so well together. Jo Jung Suk is one of the most talented Korean celebrities and doesn't get enough credit for it. I really want to see a musical with him in it. I would probably cry.

Lee Juck:

As you can tell from the above video, it's part of the Reply 1988 OST. Lee Juck has an amazing voice and it matches well with this song. Actually this version was the very first version of this song I heard. I liked it when I heard it, but always forgot to go back and find it again. 


I always am able to refer back to Ali for a lot of these old songs thanks to Immortal Songs 2. 
I also included her in my 'Becoming Dust' blast from the past. 

Ali has easily become my favorite person on this show. For good reason. Her voice is unbeatable. The way she sings and remakes the songs to match her style is pure genius. She definitely does not get the love she deserves. She's literally a legend to me. I respect her so much and am always just mesmerized by her and her voice. 
She gives me goosebumps every time. 

It's my Birthday I'll Turn up when I want 7/26

Today is another girl group I LOVE....

Mamamoo 1cm

Okay so I have a slight obsession with Hwasa lol sorry. I'm not ashamed. I've loved her in all her features with other artist. This song really lets her shine as well. Deep down I really hope she goes for a single even if it's only just one. That being said! I just love this song. The video looks like it was fun to make as well. I just love it's ....sassyness < i don't think that's an actual word lol

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It's my Birthday I'll TURNUP when I want 7/25

So I don't usually talk about girl pop groups much but I do have some favorites between them....and one of them is ....


I love this song. I wasn't a fan of them when they first debuted to be honest. I kind of found them annoying, but this song changed my opinion on them. I like scream this song at the top of my lungs when it comes on lol. We are always honest here in bunny town I can't help it. But after this song they kind of grew on me and I began to like some of their other ones as well. But when I'm ready to like party hard lol I play this song.. especially when it goes HA HA HA HA lmao I usually wait so long for that part and I'll go HAHAHAHA at the top of my lungs lol.

Legendary Male Group Winner ~ SHINee ~ Music Video Edition

Our first Twitter poll winner for "Legendary Male Group" SHINEE!!

Who doesn't love SHINee? And who doesn't love SHINee videos? Let's watch them all shall we?

"AMIGO" 2008

I will be completely honest. I have never heard of this song before today. I guess I will learn a lot from my own blogs. Look how cute and young they are here!!

"Love Like Oxygen" 2008

Not one of my favorite songs from them but not a bad video. I do notice something though. Jonghyun has not really changed AT ALL since these videos! He looks the same!

"Replay" 2008

It took me awhile to like this song but it did finally stick with me. After watching this video and looking at Taemin, I am so thankful that puberty hit him like a dump truck! 

"Juliette" 2009

Here is when Key starts to get his cute baby face going (or at least I think so). Also I think from here is when we start seeing the real dancing talent of our boys.

"Ring Ding Dong"  2009

WHOA. Who opened the sexy gate? This is the video that made me pick a bias and a wrecker (sorry to say that it changed throughout the years) Bias: Jonghyun Wrecker: Minho. OMG I love this video!!

"Hello" 2010

Oh Hello Onew. When did your cute self get here? During this time, I couldn't pick a bias. I loved them ALL!!

"Lucifer" 2010

OMG...O..M..G.. This video changed EVERYTHING for me. It was at this time when I officially became a shawol and my bias and wrecker changed from Key (bias) to Taemin (wrecker). And just because you can not watch just one video of this song...I will add my favorite. If you have never seen prepared to be Taemins shirt!!

Here is where I would LOVE to post the video of "Dazzling Girl" but SMTown are a bunch of BLEEPS and took it down. 

"Sherlock" 2012

Oh what have they done? I can't pick again!! I love them all!! How much do you love Key's fashion sense though??

"Dream Girl" 2013

And here is where Onew stole my heart, ran off with it and never looked back. *Sigh* I just love him. My wrecker during this time? EVERYONE ELSE! I mean how do you choose??

"Everybody" 2013

Holy Jesus. I do not like this song but they so made up for it in the music video. Between Onew's makeup and Taemin being shirtless, I was losing my mind the first time I seen it, Even me going back and re watching it just now had me screeching like a Japanese school boy lol

"Why So Serious" 2013

BEST MUSIC VIDEO EVER!!! Sadly Jonghyun wasn't in this one but somehow they still made the BEST VIDEO EVER!! Everything about this song and this video is perfect and OMG Onew. If you didn't love him before you should love him now!!

"1 of 1" 2016

Key was really trying to take over my bias spot in this video but Onew held on tight. This was a pretty good song and an OK video. Really wish they would do more stuff before they all go to the military.

Yes, I know that Shinee made so many more songs but I just wanted to do an official music video blog for those who love them and for those who don't really know who they are. As they come out with new videos, this will be updated.

I hope that you enjoyed this blog! Make sure to check Twitter for our newest Poll, "Legendary Girl Group"

~The Korean Drama Queen~

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It's my Birthday and I'll turn up when I want 7/24

Three days left everyone WHATT!!!!! SO ON TODAY'S POST....

(I'm not actually sure what this song's called... I know I'm lame... I call it the squad song) 

Picture this BESTIE NIGHT, you about to pick up the squad and start the shenanigans LMAO LEGGO SQUAD SUIT UP!!!! hahahahaha. I love G2 lol and this song is just like a LETS GO song!!!

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It's my Birthday I'll Turn up when I want 7/23

AYE AYE AYE 4....3...2.. I got a post here in MS baby boy whats happen'n'

Topp Dogg Arario

I think a lot of people forget Topp Dogg exists to be honest, but I love them!  I'm a sucker for people who mash up stuff and this song the way they mashed traditional classical music with hip hop. I'M ALL FOR IT.  I'm not a like HUGE kpop fan like I love kpop, but I do consider myself more of a hip hop person. But this song is just up my ally. It has a really good balance of all kinda of music into one and I really enjoy that :D ...

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Twitter Polls

If you happen to follow myself and Has Shanea on Twitter, you will notice that we have been putting up polls asking you, our amazing readers, to pick your favorite groups in certain categories. Last week we did a poll for Legendary Male Group and here are the results!

Shocking right? Well, with that I am going to do a series of blogs dedicated to our winners (and runner ups)
I hope you enjoy them!

Also if you do not follow me or Has Shanea on Twitter, the links will be below. We have a new poll up for this week so please go and vote for your favorite!! Check back each week for a new poll!

Korean Drama Queen ~ Twitter

Thank you for reading

~The Korean Drama Queen~

It's my Birthday I'll turn up when I want 7/22

DAY 22!!!!!! lets seee whats on my playlist that must be played.... ooooohhhhhh here's one


Okay so I'm going to admit. I've never been a HUGE CL fan. No shade is give to her talent. The girl can do it all and VERY VERY VERY VERY WELL. She just to me doesn't really tickle my fancy as much as she does other. I have nothing bad to say about the girl. She's absolutely gorgeous! She can sing, dance, and does a pretty dang good job at rapping as well. Okay she can spit fire. BUT!!! that being said to me I just want more from her. The people reading this right now are rolling over in there seats like what is this girl talking about lol. But no really like her song Lifted was not her best, and I just feel like some of her songs just leaving you wanting more from her. But when she comes out with songs like Baddest Female and Hello Bitches you feel .... satisfied.... well I did. We know she has the talent and passion to do whatever she wants to do ... and well...but I wish she would do it and slay. Not just sometimes. It just seems like to me she can be a hit or miss.

That all being said This song is LIT!!!!!! like I LOVE THIS SONG it's got all the good parts you could want. AND CAN WE TALK ABOUT HER ENGLISH ......

This song is just out of this world like I get so hype on women empowerment off this lol.If I feel like I can't do it all I can think about is 

 "This is for all my bad girls around the world

Not bad meaning bad but bad meaning good, you know
Let’s light it up and let it burn like we don’t care
Let em know how it feels damn good to be bad"
You just want to be BAD lmao! all in all a great song and a great artist! 

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It's my Birthday I'll Turn up When I Want 7/21

On Today's Turn up Songs!....


Okay so I know ya'll are probably tired of me Talking about Tae Woon ... I JUST LOVE HIM SO MUCH I CAN'T HELP IT !!!!!!... and this song just has a fun grove to it.

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It's my Birthday I'll Turn up when in want 7/20

What It's POST 7/20 ... not to be confused with 4/20...

Lol Just kidding.. on today's post we have.


I mean honestly you can't have a party with out BIG BANG. One of the most popular Kpop boy groups in history. Come on... BANG BANG BANG....πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰


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Midweek Blast from the Past! (7/19/17)

Turbo - A Jazz Bar (1996 and 2015)

This one is 2 separate songs featured, this is because the original song was released in 1996 and then for their 20th anniversary they released Some Jazz Bar 2015. Both are works of art. 


It's my Birthday and I'll Turn up when I want 7/19

Hey So glad you're back!!! ya'll ready for to TURN UP!!!!!!


Lol I can't forget my boys ya'll. I actually wrote about them a while back. I'm still so happy that PO gets his chance to shine more. I mean he's not my bias or anything


I really liked Zero for conduct their first one, but this one grows on me more and more.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Boys Over Flowers - Episode 2 Review

In our previous episode we seen where Jan Di was grabbed by a few school guys. They try to take off with her, kicking and screaming.

 All of a sudden who shows up? Yes, Ji Hoo! Instead of him helping at first, he bends down and asks her about pancakes!!

Finally he makes them let her go. She thanks him but he tells her he did not do it for her but because he gets annoyed at this type of stuff. Why does he let Jun Pyo get away with it? 

Later we see Jan Di riding home on her bike. She passes Ji Hoo who is staring at a billboard of a model. When she backs up she sees that he has his face planted on the billboard. She tells him that he should not do that because his hands will get all black and dirty. She pulls out some napkins (or wipes I can't tell) and he thinks she is going to give them to him to clean his hands. Instead she walks right past him and cleans the billboard! Once again we get an awesome smile from him!

Jun Pyo starts a rumor around the school that a girl is pregnant. Everyone is wondering who it is and then he announces that it is Jan Di. This enrages her so she gives in and goes to Jun Pyo to confront him. He thinks she is there to apologize. This time instead of throwing ice cream in his face, she gives him a flying round kick to the face! His friends are all laughing and enjoying the show but once again Jun Pyo has that shocking look on his face! He really can not believe this girl!!

Jun Pyo must have hit his head because now he thinks that Jan Di is doing all of this because she is in love with him. (At this point I am starting to think it is the other way around)

Jun Pyo then has his goons kidnap Jan Di. She does a good job at first hiding from them but they sneak up behind her and put her in a car. She puts up a pretty good fight until they use chloroform on her. When she wakes up, she is being pampered by his staff. They do her hair and makeup and put her in really nice clothing.

 She is then taken by the steward to a room and says someone is waiting for her. (By the way, did you see that house? OMG!) She sees a figure by the window and thinks that it is Ji Hoo. When she realizes it is Jun Pyo she starts yelling at him. Jun Pyo tells her that from now on, he will allow her to speak to him when they are alone. She rejects him which sends him into a rage. He orders for all of the maids that served her to be fired. At that same moment, he spots a bee and starts running around like a little girl screaming until they finally shoo the bee out of the window. Instead of firing all of the maids he only fires the one that made the tea since he figures that she is the one that brought it in. 

Jan Di leaves the house angry and then realizes she still has on the shoes he bought.  She takes them off and throws them over the fence leaving herself barefooted. But....DA DA DA DA....JI HOO TO THE RESCUE!!! He shows up on his motorbike. They sit and talk for a few minutes (and he smiles A LOT!) and before he leaves he gives her his shoes to wear home. Lucky girl!!

The next day when she goes to return the shoes, she runs into the other 2 members of the F4, Ji Yung and Woo Bin. She gives them the shoes to give to Ji Hoo and goes to leave but they stop her and offer her tea. As they are talking, they tell Jan Di about Ji Hoo and his childhood and the car wreck that killed his parents. They also tell her about his love for the model (from the billboard) Min Seo Hyun. 

Later at home during dinner, Jan Di's brother finds gambling tickets in the back pocket of his fathers pants. This causes a fight between her parents. Jan Di goes to her room where she pulls out the handkerchief that Ji Hoo gave her when she was covered in flour and puts it safely away in her desk drawer. I think it is safe to say this is when we realize she is in love with Ji Hoo. 

The next day while everyone in the school is outside playing sports, Jan Di gets it in the face with a soccer ball which causes her nose to bleed. While she is cleaning herself up, Jun Pyo comes in and tries to help her. She rejects him again. By the hurt look on Jun Pyo's face I would say that we now know that Jun Pyo has fallen for Jan Di. 

*I have to add this picture because it made me laugh. When I paused the show to write a few things down this is what I came back to.

Now we get to the best part of this whole episode. Or maybe that is just my opinion but I am sure there are MANY girls who will agree with me. The shower scene!!! 

What a way to tease us fangirls right?

The school has planned a cruise trip for the students. Jan Di can not go due to the amount that it costs for the ticket. It looks like Jun Pyo has bought a ticket for her and is upset when she does not show up. Instead, Jan Di and Ga Eul decide to go on a fishing trip. Ji Hoo does not go either because he is meeting Min SeoHyun. 

There is a welcome home party for Min SeoHyun and Jun Pyo invites Jan Di. She once again rejects him but quickly agrees when Ji Hoo invites her. 

The 3 fangirls (although I think it is safe to call the mean girls now) trick Jan Di into wearing a Wonder Woman costume to the party. Jan Di tries to leave once she realizes she has been fooled but ends up hiding behind a food table. The mean-girls come over and try to take off Jan Di's coat, exposing her costume. Jan Di ends up knocking over a table and the whole party sees her. Everyone is in shock. Jun Pyo goes to save her but Ji Hoo gets to her first. Jun Pyo looks really upset. 

Min SeoHyun dresses Jan Di up for the party and also tells her about Jun Pyos' life.

*Min SeoHyun gives us a great quote. "Good shoes will take you to good places!"

When Jan Di walks back into the party, the faces on both Jun Pyo and Ji Hoo are great!

Jun Pyo even drops his plate of food!!

This episode ends with Min SeoHyun telling Ji Hoo to go dance with Jan Di.

This is the episode that got me. Even though the first episode is good, I was not able to really get into it until after this episode so if you are struggling...just keep with gets better from here!

Saranghaeyo and thanks for reading!

~The Korean Drama Queen~

It's my Birthday I'll Turn up when I want 7/18

I'M SO LATE DOING THINGS!!! Things have gotten so crazy hahaha it's actually August 11th today but I'm really want to finish this series so I'm going too!!! CAUSE I CAN!!. So lets get back into the swing of things We were on July 18th of 27 so just 9 more to go... so sorry :(...

Today's song is....

Triple T Born to Be Wild.... ft JYP

I actually had never heard of them and don't know a lot about them, but this song ya'll. I love this song. I don't even know why hahahaha I just do. 

Even though the feature with JYP is a little .... weird ... i still like this song hahahaha.

I have more coming ya'll so don't give up on me just yet :)

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HOTSHOT is back!!!

After 2 years, HOTSHOT is back with 'Jelly' and it's pretty fricking awesome. Everyone who doesn't know who or what HOTSHOT is, what are you doing with your life? Are you even human? Kidding. HA! I didn't even know who they were until May. 

But for YOUR benefit, here's my small blog on them. 

Here's the glorious music video:

If you'll notice, there's only 5 members here. Sungwoon is currently in Wanna One. 

Because he's contracted with Wanna One right now, he's out of the promotions this time around! Never fear though, he'll be back. 

So while I hate that he's out this time around, I'm glad they had a comeback! I also hate this song is really good, but so underrated. Why is everyone sleeping on HOTSHOT? Obviously they're hotshots. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

But no they're a really good group. 

And Lord am I thankful for this move right here. I don't understand why I like it so much.. I just know that I do. 

It's actually a pretty cool song and of course, as you all will probably notice they're all very good looking. 

Make sure you check them out! Stay woke. 

Bonus: JRE feelin the music. 

Full video:

It's my Birthday I'll turn up when I want 7/17

let's just jump right into it today shall we? ....

Puzzle CJamm ft. BeWhy

Not gonna lie these two men have like changed my world. I am in love with both of them ...DON'T JUDGE ME THEY ARE BOTH TALENTED!!!! but this song is just like idk it just makes me wanna dance lol.

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It's my Birthday I'll turn up when I want 7/16

On day 16 we have....

Joke by Rap Monster

For all of those haters out there that think idol rappers can't rap..... just .... just listen to GENUIS .. I hear this song and all I can do is "stank face" ...
Dude goes so hard you just can't help but to look like this ^^^^.

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It's my Birthday I'll turn up when I want 7/15

YEA YEA GONNA GO FOR 15... Today on It's my birthday...

Hit ME by MOBB

I had to sneak a little MOBB. Sadly it doesn't look like MOBB will ever be again WHYYYYYYY WHY DID YOU EVEN TEASE US LIKE THAT YG!!!

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It's my Birthday I'll turn up when I want 7/14

ohhhh I gots a good one for you today!!!!!

Ravi Ladida 

I actually love this album so much. I didn't think I would like I've said before I've never been a very big VIXX fan, but RAVI showed out on this album ya'll.

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WILD KARD in USA Part 2!

Just your friendly neighborhood blog owner here to remind you exactly why you should attend KARD's tour in the USA. 

Nuff said! Remember that tickets go on sale August 12th at 10AM in the time zone of each concert. 

Probably won't be going to this one. Though I did want to volunteer for it (since I have been a member of a tour team before), the deadline for volunteering is the July 17th and I probably won't have the means to travel there. 

Hope everyone can go! Send me your pics if you go and I'll feature them here crediting you. :D

It's my Birthday I'll turn up when I want. 7/13

Hey YA'll it's day 13!!! and today we have?????

I'm Not Sorry by Dean
So people here at HAS may tell you differently but I totally got them hooked to this song as well :) 

This song ya'll it might be a tiny bit old but this is the first time I ever saw DEAN and from what I know it's pretty much his debut song for the most part. I might be wrong, but for me it's his debut song so lol.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Midweek Blast from the Past! (7/12/17)

Im Chang Jung (μž„μ°½μ •) - Open the Door (문을 μ—¬μ‹œμ˜€)

Every single time I hear this song I laugh. And everytime I watch the music video I laugh even harder. I love this man. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Bonus points for U-Kiss being in it along with some of my other favorite celebrities. 

It's my Birthday I'll turn up when I want 7/12

So this song is not really Kpop or Hiphop but.... you'll see why I had to add it.

Kris Wu Juice

AYE HE MIGHT BE GONE FROM EXO BUT HIS TALENT AIN'T!!!!!! Kris Wu killed it in this movie and in this song. I was so happy when this came out and BEST BELIEVE I WILL TURN UP TO THIS WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT THANK YOU AND GOOD BYE!!!!! KRIS.... IF YOU DON'T WORK... LOL WITH YOUR FINE SELF hahahahahahahaha

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

It's my Birthday and I'll turn up when I want. 7/11

Another lucky day...Just when you think we are done partying I bring...

Zico Bermuda Triangle 

This whole song just goes so hard. How can you not turn up. When you get these three together you just.... you ... you can't breath!!!!!

Monday, July 10, 2017

Boys Over Flowers - Episode 1 Review

Boys over Flowers is one of the GREATEST K-Dramas of all time (which is why I am picking it first to review). 

BoF debuted on January 5, 2009. Sadly it only lasted 25 episodes and ended on March 31, 2009. If you have already watched this show, I think you will agree with me that it could have gone on FOREVER and still I would never get tired of it. If you have not seen it yet...where have you been?


 There is this school for rich people called Shinhwa (don't you just love that name?) Only the very lucky get to attend this school. At this school, there is a group of what I would call "The Untouchables". The group is actually called the F4. They pretty much run the school and the girls go NUTS over them. You will see why in a few. A dry cleaner's daughter gets the chance of a lifetime to attend this school. She is not rich and not pretty. When she sees the things that go on in the school and how the F4 treats everyone, she speaks out which causes her to be the target of the whole school. She finds herself attracted to one of the members of the F4 and when the school turns on her, he helps her out whenever he can. The leader of this group really has it out for her but after he sees that she endures whatever he dishes out, he starts to change his ways and falls for her. They go through many obstacles, including his mother keeping them apart and trying to destroy her life. In the end, will love concur all?

Main cast members

Ku Hye Sun as Geum Jan Di
(Dry cleaner's daughter)

I think it is funny how they say she is not very pretty. I think she is beautiful!!

Lee Min Ho as Goo Jun Pyo
(Leader of F4)

Do you see that face? OH MY GOSH!! This man right here is beyond gorgeous!

Kim Hyun Joong as Yoon Ji Hoo
(F4 member and former President's grandson)

Look at that face!! Look at that smile!! Oh my goodness he is adorable! (I will have to do a video blog on his later to show you his sexy side...WOW) And please, no negative comments about him. I still love him no matter what!

Kim Joon as Song Woo Bin
(F4 member's "Don Juan")

He is adorable and wait till you hear him talking in English, it is too cute!!

Kim Bum as So Yi Jung 

How cute and sexy is this man? I could go on forever about him but I am going to let you find out for yourselves just how cute and sexy he really is! 

There you have it folks! Now go watch the show. Then watch it again. I will be doing reviews of every episode. Hopefully the first episode will be uploaded this weekend.

Saranghaeyo and thanks for reading!

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~The Korean Drama Queen~


I may have posted about this a long, LONG time ago but I want to start again and actually stick to it this time!! I need encouragement!! Especially if I don't want Has Shanea to take over my spot!! GRRRR

Anyway, I am about to take you on a wild journey through the past and into the present with some AMAZING Kdramas. I am going to start WAY back to a drama that is usually everyone's first drama. You guessed it. Boys Over Flowers. Why might you ask? Because there are MANY others who have never watched it or any other Kdrama for that matter. Shocking right??

I know, I know. It is ok though...we will get them all on our side eventually.

I do want to say that I don't know how often I will write my blogs. I am going to try to do it regularly but I am in the last 6 months of school and things are a bit crazy so please be patient with me.

Also, my lovelies, it would help a GREAT deal if you could give me feedback. Let me know if I am doing a good job. Tell me if there is something I am missing or something you would like to see more or less of. Got a Kdrama suggestion? Leave me a comment!! I love hearing from our readers and it helps give me that little boost to keep going.

Much love to all and I hope you enjoy!

~The Korean Drama Queen~

It's my Birthday and I'll turn up when I want 7/10


Skrillex Dirty Vibe Ft GD and Cl

AYYYEEEE bet you guys forgot about this song!!! But I didn't ;) .... When I saw this song I kinda became obsessed with it. But now It's kinda died. That being said when it comes on TURN UP!!!!!

Afterthoughts: W - Episode 1

W - Episode 1

Kang Chul (Pictured Below)

The kickass cute with the killer smile. (KDQ would have to disagree) ((She's a monster))

*And all the girls swoon*

He had the perfect life. He was an olympic gold medalist, had a good family, fame, popularity, skill, etc.. But then everything changed. 

Mysteriously, his whole family was murdered one night while watching a soccer game. The worst part? His family was murdered with Chul's olympic shooter gun. Since he had no viable alibi, this made him prime suspect number one. 

Then to top it all off, he got the worst prosecutor in the free world. This guy wouldn't give him a break. He was hell bent on taking Chul down and wouldn't even let the possibility that he may have been innocent exist. He didn't stand a chance. 

From this point, it switches to Oh Yeon Joo. 

Resident at a hospital in the Cardiothoracic Surgery department. Has a crazy professor. Dad is an author. 

It starts off by her waking up to 10 missed calls from the psycho professor. She's dead meat. 

In a panic, she's almost killing herself running around the hospital to find psycho professor. Anticipating the inevitable doom that is sure to happen soon. 

Only to find out that the reason he called her was so that he could get some spoilers for the new chapter of her dad's comic book, "W" ... -_-

But it's at this moment that you really start to realize "Ohhhhhh. Wait a minute, W is a comic book??? Meaning Kang Chul isn't real? He's just the main character in a comic book? What kind of sick joke is this?"

But it's also at this moment that you can already tell that this drama is going to be EPIC!

So crazy professor bribes Yeon Joo with opening and closing a heart. Tells her that if she gets him some spoilers, he'll let her do it. 

One of my favorite lines of this episode is when the other resident in the room says that the professor is being unfair because even her seniors have never opened or closed a heart before. To this the professor says:


Ecstatic she calls her dad's workplace to get some info and here she finds her dad is actually missing. The drama just doesn't end! 

She arrives and gets told all about how her dad is planning on killing off Kang Chul in the last chapter. 

In the room, Kang Chul dying on the computer screen

This is when everything really starts to change. 

After the inital shock of ending up on a strange rooftop, she finds Kang Chul lying on the ground unconscious and bleeding. 
Then the doctor aspect kicks in.. She rushes into panic mode. 

He reached out and pulled her into the comic!

Here she is on some random rooftop having to save a man's life who she doesn't even know with no knowledge of how she got on the rooftop to the attempted murder site at all. 

She saves his life, but afterwards they ask her why she's on the roof especially when she doesn't know where she even is. She has no idea and no alibi because she wasn't there 5 minutes prior! She's in a comic! lol 
When the cops come back for her to give a statement, she's disappeared. 

The end of the episode. To be Continued. 

Back in her dad's office, Soo Bong tells her that her dad has uploaded the chapter and that it wasn't actually the end at all! 
While everyone is excited about the fact that Kang Chul isn't dead and that it isn't the end of the series, she's left looking at the chapter that she just experienced in real time. 


Oh man, I can't even imagine. This series is so interesting. It's one of the best story lines in the kdrama world, I kid you not. It has you standing on your toes in suspense and also swooning from the cuteness. I absolutely love this drama. 

Episode 2 to come soon!