Monday, July 10, 2017

Afterthoughts: W - Episode 1

W - Episode 1

Kang Chul (Pictured Below)

The kickass cute with the killer smile. (KDQ would have to disagree) ((She's a monster))

*And all the girls swoon*

He had the perfect life. He was an olympic gold medalist, had a good family, fame, popularity, skill, etc.. But then everything changed. 

Mysteriously, his whole family was murdered one night while watching a soccer game. The worst part? His family was murdered with Chul's olympic shooter gun. Since he had no viable alibi, this made him prime suspect number one. 

Then to top it all off, he got the worst prosecutor in the free world. This guy wouldn't give him a break. He was hell bent on taking Chul down and wouldn't even let the possibility that he may have been innocent exist. He didn't stand a chance. 

From this point, it switches to Oh Yeon Joo. 

Resident at a hospital in the Cardiothoracic Surgery department. Has a crazy professor. Dad is an author. 

It starts off by her waking up to 10 missed calls from the psycho professor. She's dead meat. 

In a panic, she's almost killing herself running around the hospital to find psycho professor. Anticipating the inevitable doom that is sure to happen soon. 

Only to find out that the reason he called her was so that he could get some spoilers for the new chapter of her dad's comic book, "W" ... -_-

But it's at this moment that you really start to realize "Ohhhhhh. Wait a minute, W is a comic book??? Meaning Kang Chul isn't real? He's just the main character in a comic book? What kind of sick joke is this?"

But it's also at this moment that you can already tell that this drama is going to be EPIC!

So crazy professor bribes Yeon Joo with opening and closing a heart. Tells her that if she gets him some spoilers, he'll let her do it. 

One of my favorite lines of this episode is when the other resident in the room says that the professor is being unfair because even her seniors have never opened or closed a heart before. To this the professor says:


Ecstatic she calls her dad's workplace to get some info and here she finds her dad is actually missing. The drama just doesn't end! 

She arrives and gets told all about how her dad is planning on killing off Kang Chul in the last chapter. 

In the room, Kang Chul dying on the computer screen

This is when everything really starts to change. 

After the inital shock of ending up on a strange rooftop, she finds Kang Chul lying on the ground unconscious and bleeding. 
Then the doctor aspect kicks in.. She rushes into panic mode. 

He reached out and pulled her into the comic!

Here she is on some random rooftop having to save a man's life who she doesn't even know with no knowledge of how she got on the rooftop to the attempted murder site at all. 

She saves his life, but afterwards they ask her why she's on the roof especially when she doesn't know where she even is. She has no idea and no alibi because she wasn't there 5 minutes prior! She's in a comic! lol 
When the cops come back for her to give a statement, she's disappeared. 

The end of the episode. To be Continued. 

Back in her dad's office, Soo Bong tells her that her dad has uploaded the chapter and that it wasn't actually the end at all! 
While everyone is excited about the fact that Kang Chul isn't dead and that it isn't the end of the series, she's left looking at the chapter that she just experienced in real time. 


Oh man, I can't even imagine. This series is so interesting. It's one of the best story lines in the kdrama world, I kid you not. It has you standing on your toes in suspense and also swooning from the cuteness. I absolutely love this drama. 

Episode 2 to come soon!


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