Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Boys Over Flowers - Episode 2 Review

In our previous episode we seen where Jan Di was grabbed by a few school guys. They try to take off with her, kicking and screaming.

 All of a sudden who shows up? Yes, Ji Hoo! Instead of him helping at first, he bends down and asks her about pancakes!!

Finally he makes them let her go. She thanks him but he tells her he did not do it for her but because he gets annoyed at this type of stuff. Why does he let Jun Pyo get away with it? 

Later we see Jan Di riding home on her bike. She passes Ji Hoo who is staring at a billboard of a model. When she backs up she sees that he has his face planted on the billboard. She tells him that he should not do that because his hands will get all black and dirty. She pulls out some napkins (or wipes I can't tell) and he thinks she is going to give them to him to clean his hands. Instead she walks right past him and cleans the billboard! Once again we get an awesome smile from him!

Jun Pyo starts a rumor around the school that a girl is pregnant. Everyone is wondering who it is and then he announces that it is Jan Di. This enrages her so she gives in and goes to Jun Pyo to confront him. He thinks she is there to apologize. This time instead of throwing ice cream in his face, she gives him a flying round kick to the face! His friends are all laughing and enjoying the show but once again Jun Pyo has that shocking look on his face! He really can not believe this girl!!

Jun Pyo must have hit his head because now he thinks that Jan Di is doing all of this because she is in love with him. (At this point I am starting to think it is the other way around)

Jun Pyo then has his goons kidnap Jan Di. She does a good job at first hiding from them but they sneak up behind her and put her in a car. She puts up a pretty good fight until they use chloroform on her. When she wakes up, she is being pampered by his staff. They do her hair and makeup and put her in really nice clothing.

 She is then taken by the steward to a room and says someone is waiting for her. (By the way, did you see that house? OMG!) She sees a figure by the window and thinks that it is Ji Hoo. When she realizes it is Jun Pyo she starts yelling at him. Jun Pyo tells her that from now on, he will allow her to speak to him when they are alone. She rejects him which sends him into a rage. He orders for all of the maids that served her to be fired. At that same moment, he spots a bee and starts running around like a little girl screaming until they finally shoo the bee out of the window. Instead of firing all of the maids he only fires the one that made the tea since he figures that she is the one that brought it in. 

Jan Di leaves the house angry and then realizes she still has on the shoes he bought.  She takes them off and throws them over the fence leaving herself barefooted. But....DA DA DA DA....JI HOO TO THE RESCUE!!! He shows up on his motorbike. They sit and talk for a few minutes (and he smiles A LOT!) and before he leaves he gives her his shoes to wear home. Lucky girl!!

The next day when she goes to return the shoes, she runs into the other 2 members of the F4, Ji Yung and Woo Bin. She gives them the shoes to give to Ji Hoo and goes to leave but they stop her and offer her tea. As they are talking, they tell Jan Di about Ji Hoo and his childhood and the car wreck that killed his parents. They also tell her about his love for the model (from the billboard) Min Seo Hyun. 

Later at home during dinner, Jan Di's brother finds gambling tickets in the back pocket of his fathers pants. This causes a fight between her parents. Jan Di goes to her room where she pulls out the handkerchief that Ji Hoo gave her when she was covered in flour and puts it safely away in her desk drawer. I think it is safe to say this is when we realize she is in love with Ji Hoo. 

The next day while everyone in the school is outside playing sports, Jan Di gets it in the face with a soccer ball which causes her nose to bleed. While she is cleaning herself up, Jun Pyo comes in and tries to help her. She rejects him again. By the hurt look on Jun Pyo's face I would say that we now know that Jun Pyo has fallen for Jan Di. 

*I have to add this picture because it made me laugh. When I paused the show to write a few things down this is what I came back to.

Now we get to the best part of this whole episode. Or maybe that is just my opinion but I am sure there are MANY girls who will agree with me. The shower scene!!! 

What a way to tease us fangirls right?

The school has planned a cruise trip for the students. Jan Di can not go due to the amount that it costs for the ticket. It looks like Jun Pyo has bought a ticket for her and is upset when she does not show up. Instead, Jan Di and Ga Eul decide to go on a fishing trip. Ji Hoo does not go either because he is meeting Min SeoHyun. 

There is a welcome home party for Min SeoHyun and Jun Pyo invites Jan Di. She once again rejects him but quickly agrees when Ji Hoo invites her. 

The 3 fangirls (although I think it is safe to call the mean girls now) trick Jan Di into wearing a Wonder Woman costume to the party. Jan Di tries to leave once she realizes she has been fooled but ends up hiding behind a food table. The mean-girls come over and try to take off Jan Di's coat, exposing her costume. Jan Di ends up knocking over a table and the whole party sees her. Everyone is in shock. Jun Pyo goes to save her but Ji Hoo gets to her first. Jun Pyo looks really upset. 

Min SeoHyun dresses Jan Di up for the party and also tells her about Jun Pyos' life.

*Min SeoHyun gives us a great quote. "Good shoes will take you to good places!"

When Jan Di walks back into the party, the faces on both Jun Pyo and Ji Hoo are great!

Jun Pyo even drops his plate of food!!

This episode ends with Min SeoHyun telling Ji Hoo to go dance with Jan Di.

This is the episode that got me. Even though the first episode is good, I was not able to really get into it until after this episode so if you are struggling...just keep with gets better from here!

Saranghaeyo and thanks for reading!

~The Korean Drama Queen~

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