Monday, July 3, 2017

It's my Birthday and I'll turn up when I want 7/3

So this one is a Cypher of sorts... Kinda...... okay more like collaboration.... This one came up around the same time BOBBY won SMTM 3.

This song came out in 2014. and honestly i just watched it cause it had bobby in it... then I fell in love with Masta Wu, and grew to hate Dok2.... I'm sorry I really just don't get the hype about him ... so shoot me.. obviously he's talented or he wouldn't make the money ... I'm just not on the dok2 train lol sorry. ANYWAY... this song makes up for it.... I here this song and from the very beginning you're gonna be like YOOOOO THIS MY JAMMMMMMMMM

I'm going to skip dok2's part and talk about BOBBY...

Bobby if you don't bring yo stuff to the game I swear for THE LOVE OF BOB IF YOU DON'T WORK YOU STUFF.... lmao like his verse in this song is what made me do a lot of research on him... and the part where he sees the boobs as he's drinking milk... had me rolling. like that was so funny lmao ... and my heart .... my poor heart....just.... this song goes so hard

But then ya'll....but then ...the MASTA walks in and he's like watch me bring some old school to this beat.... ya'lll ....
Nobody can do it like me 
Like me like me
Nobody can do it like me
Like me like me
No that's not me my dear 
도 돌아 보지 말고 뛰어 뛰어
Dwido dora boji malgo ttwieo
Do not look back and just run
끝 끝 U have no idea
Geollimyeon kkeut U have no idea
If you're caught, it's over, you have no idea
마지막 이야 너의 소원 을 들어 줄게 줄게
Ige majimagiya neoui sowoneul deureojulge
This is the last time, I'll grant you your wish
말하지 말고 무조건 빌어 빌어 
Ttan malhaji malgo mujogeon bireo
Do not say anything else but just beg

He broke that ish down ya'll ... like ya'll just don't.... even know... MASTA WU IF YOU DON'T SLAY THAT ISH.... ya'll i must have played his verse so many times.... 

I love this song like for real I play it all the time and it's old but I don't even care lol .... It's my birthday I'll do what I want. 

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