Tuesday, July 4, 2017

It's my Birthday and I'll turn up when I want 7/4

So I'm gonna go back a little tiny bit, but IT'S MY BIRTHDAY I TURN UP WHEN I WANT. And I say it's time to get crunk so  put your ...

YAZZZZ YA'LL I WENT THERE.... 2pm in the house ya'll. Ya'll 2pm was like my third kpop group I ever listened to... and when I tell ya'll I played the mess out of this song... it's not even I really should be no one should listen to a song that many times... but for some reason this song never gets old to me lol. I'm really not ashamed at all like I will forever play this song. lol like it BUH BYE lol 

This song just really makes you want to dance... and DEAR Taec... i love you boo ;) I'm just saying shout out lmao ... this songs picture was my background on my computer for the longest time lmao...

2pm has such great dance/ party songs though to me... like you can't forget "Hands Up" sequel

Not gonna lie I turn up to this one on an equal playing field like... both of these songs are SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!

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