Sunday, July 2, 2017

It's my Birthday I'll turn up when I want. 7/2

My boo bringing me balloons isn't he so sweet. Love you boo... moment of silence for my boo ya'll.....

okay ANYWAY BACK TO MY BIRTHDAY. In honor of my boo, my hubby.... my just ... urghhhh I love you TOP!!!!!!! our first Turn up song!!!!!!

Zutter GD and TOP
oh just look at them .... glorious I tell you... just ... mmm I LOVE YOU HUBBY!!!!

So I'm not gonna lie when I first saw this video.. like OH SHIT SNACKS THEY GONNA GET CRUNK... and then I was like omg this song goes hard!!!!.... and then as you watch it I was like... what are they doing... like what in the ... they are peeing on each other... ( you know deep down inside they had so much fun making this video.... like you know they did.)

GD Kills it in this video like if you ever feel like he is getting old and out the game... THINK AGAIN... I mean have you heard his new album..... magic.... just ...magic... but then you have my TOP.... my poor poor baby.... (that's a salty subject for me) ANYWAY TOP comes in .... and of course I lose it ... my favorite part is the pig scene I don't know why ...but honestly WHAT IS THE STUFF HE PULLS OUT FROM THE PIXEL THING...

All in all I really think this song really fits their personalities. They had fun doing this song and you can tell.

But this is just my warm up song MORE TO COME...hmmmm.... who could it be?

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