Saturday, July 22, 2017

It's my Birthday I'll turn up when I want 7/22

DAY 22!!!!!! lets seee whats on my playlist that must be played.... ooooohhhhhh here's one


Okay so I'm going to admit. I've never been a HUGE CL fan. No shade is give to her talent. The girl can do it all and VERY VERY VERY VERY WELL. She just to me doesn't really tickle my fancy as much as she does other. I have nothing bad to say about the girl. She's absolutely gorgeous! She can sing, dance, and does a pretty dang good job at rapping as well. Okay she can spit fire. BUT!!! that being said to me I just want more from her. The people reading this right now are rolling over in there seats like what is this girl talking about lol. But no really like her song Lifted was not her best, and I just feel like some of her songs just leaving you wanting more from her. But when she comes out with songs like Baddest Female and Hello Bitches you feel .... satisfied.... well I did. We know she has the talent and passion to do whatever she wants to do ... and well...but I wish she would do it and slay. Not just sometimes. It just seems like to me she can be a hit or miss.

That all being said This song is LIT!!!!!! like I LOVE THIS SONG it's got all the good parts you could want. AND CAN WE TALK ABOUT HER ENGLISH ......

This song is just out of this world like I get so hype on women empowerment off this lol.If I feel like I can't do it all I can think about is 

 "This is for all my bad girls around the world

Not bad meaning bad but bad meaning good, you know
Let’s light it up and let it burn like we don’t care
Let em know how it feels damn good to be bad"
You just want to be BAD lmao! all in all a great song and a great artist! 

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