Tuesday, July 18, 2017

It's my Birthday I'll Turn up when I want 7/18

I'M SO LATE DOING THINGS!!! Things have gotten so crazy hahaha it's actually August 11th today but I'm really want to finish this series so I'm going too!!! CAUSE I CAN!!. So lets get back into the swing of things We were on July 18th of 27 so just 9 more to go... so sorry :(...

Today's song is....

Triple T Born to Be Wild.... ft JYP

I actually had never heard of them and don't know a lot about them, but this song ya'll. I love this song. I don't even know why hahahaha I just do. 

Even though the feature with JYP is a little .... weird ... i still like this song hahahaha.

I have more coming ya'll so don't give up on me just yet :)

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