Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Legendary Male Group Winner ~ SHINee ~ Music Video Edition

Our first Twitter poll winner for "Legendary Male Group" SHINEE!!

Who doesn't love SHINee? And who doesn't love SHINee videos? Let's watch them all shall we?

"AMIGO" 2008

I will be completely honest. I have never heard of this song before today. I guess I will learn a lot from my own blogs. Look how cute and young they are here!!

"Love Like Oxygen" 2008

Not one of my favorite songs from them but not a bad video. I do notice something though. Jonghyun has not really changed AT ALL since these videos! He looks the same!

"Replay" 2008

It took me awhile to like this song but it did finally stick with me. After watching this video and looking at Taemin, I am so thankful that puberty hit him like a dump truck! 

"Juliette" 2009

Here is when Key starts to get his cute baby face going (or at least I think so). Also I think from here is when we start seeing the real dancing talent of our boys.

"Ring Ding Dong"  2009

WHOA. Who opened the sexy gate? This is the video that made me pick a bias and a wrecker (sorry to say that it changed throughout the years) Bias: Jonghyun Wrecker: Minho. OMG I love this video!!

"Hello" 2010

Oh Hello Onew. When did your cute self get here? During this time, I couldn't pick a bias. I loved them ALL!!

"Lucifer" 2010

OMG...O..M..G.. This video changed EVERYTHING for me. It was at this time when I officially became a shawol and my bias and wrecker changed from Key (bias) to Taemin (wrecker). And just because you can not watch just one video of this song...I will add my favorite. If you have never seen prepared to be Taemins shirt!!

Here is where I would LOVE to post the video of "Dazzling Girl" but SMTown are a bunch of BLEEPS and took it down. 

"Sherlock" 2012

Oh what have they done? I can't pick again!! I love them all!! How much do you love Key's fashion sense though??

"Dream Girl" 2013

And here is where Onew stole my heart, ran off with it and never looked back. *Sigh* I just love him. My wrecker during this time? EVERYONE ELSE! I mean how do you choose??

"Everybody" 2013

Holy Jesus. I do not like this song but they so made up for it in the music video. Between Onew's makeup and Taemin being shirtless, I was losing my mind the first time I seen it, Even me going back and re watching it just now had me screeching like a Japanese school boy lol

"Why So Serious" 2013

BEST MUSIC VIDEO EVER!!! Sadly Jonghyun wasn't in this one but somehow they still made the BEST VIDEO EVER!! Everything about this song and this video is perfect and OMG Onew. If you didn't love him before you should love him now!!

"1 of 1" 2016

Key was really trying to take over my bias spot in this video but Onew held on tight. This was a pretty good song and an OK video. Really wish they would do more stuff before they all go to the military.

Yes, I know that Shinee made so many more songs but I just wanted to do an official music video blog for those who love them and for those who don't really know who they are. As they come out with new videos, this will be updated.

I hope that you enjoyed this blog! Make sure to check Twitter for our newest Poll, "Legendary Girl Group"

~The Korean Drama Queen~

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