Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Midweek Blast from the Past! (7/26/17)

The infamous "Don't Worry, Dear"

Originally by Jun In Kwon of Deulgukhwa in 1985, this song has become a Korean legend. 

Since then, the song has been remade a number of times. Here are a few of my favorites. 

D.O (EXO) and Jo Jung Suk:

This is my absolute favorite. This was for 'Hyung'. The emotional roller coaster of a movie that left me in complete emotional trauma. Dramafever fans, it's on Dramafever as 'My Annoying Brother'. It's nothing like the previews and trailers show you. I promise you. I cried so many times....D.O is probably one of the best actors I've seen lately. Especially with him being in an idol group, they usually aren't the "BEST" actors. 

So this song really was so unbelievably sad for me since it was part of the OST. 
Not to mention, Jo Jung Suk and D.O just pair so well together. Jo Jung Suk is one of the most talented Korean celebrities and doesn't get enough credit for it. I really want to see a musical with him in it. I would probably cry.

Lee Juck:

As you can tell from the above video, it's part of the Reply 1988 OST. Lee Juck has an amazing voice and it matches well with this song. Actually this version was the very first version of this song I heard. I liked it when I heard it, but always forgot to go back and find it again. 


I always am able to refer back to Ali for a lot of these old songs thanks to Immortal Songs 2. 
I also included her in my 'Becoming Dust' blast from the past. 

Ali has easily become my favorite person on this show. For good reason. Her voice is unbeatable. The way she sings and remakes the songs to match her style is pure genius. She definitely does not get the love she deserves. She's literally a legend to me. I respect her so much and am always just mesmerized by her and her voice. 
She gives me goosebumps every time. 

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