Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Featured Song of the Week! (8/9/17)

Every week I do a midweek blast from the past which is on Wednesdays. Obviously. Since it's hump day. 

But rather than just visiting old songs, I figured I should start a new segment where I showcase recent songs so they don't get forgotten either. 

Just to clarify, Wednesday's are for songs released before January of 2016. 

Featured Song of the Week will be newer songs. Whether it be debuts or comebacks that I didn't write about some other time. 

I'll do this every Friday. But today since I just thought of it today, I'm posting the first one on Wednesday. Writing it at 12AM 

So first ever Featured Song of the Week..

"Sorry" by The Rose (더 로즈)

I ran into this song on Youtube at midnight today. I was bored and didn't know what to do.. Usually these days I've been playing Everquest a lot more. 

Can check out the livestream I participate on these days with Cats Meow on Youtube. 

But this night I wasn't doing anything so I was literally just staring at my computer screen with Youtube up.. Usually I do this for awhile until I come to the conclusion I should probably get a hold of myself and do something. Even then I usually just put on 'Friends' on Netflix or something and sleep. But that day I saw the thumbnail for this song and I was staring at it for a good 10 minutes before I was like.. Hey.. Let's click it. 

I have never been more proud of myself for staring at my Youtube home in my life. This song is DANG amazing!

I'll be honest and admit right now that I'm a rebel and I don't like Youtube telling me how I should run my life. So when suggestions for me to watch come up I skip over them and just do whatever I want LOL! (Especially since most of the suggestions I just don't like... Believe it or not there are some groups out there I don't listen to)

But I was amazingly surprised with this song. What also took me by surprise is the fact that they remind me a lot of the Script. What surprised me perhaps the most about this whole song is the fact that I wasn't the only one who thought they gave off The Script vibes. 

Usually I'm alone in thinking groups sound like other people. Like I swear to you Cho Yong Pil's "Bounce" sounds like the Korean version of Phil Collins. *Shrug*

But finally I'm not alone in my thinking they sound like The Script! They seriously have that vibe. Just everything about them. 

I have a real soft spot for Korean Indie Rock groups. Always love them so much. I really love bands more than anything. The kind that actually play their own music, you know? Nothing against the ones who don't because I love them all so much. But there's always just something so special about these rock groups. 
They put a lot of hard work and effort into their work and play the music themselves and it's just enjoyable for most everyone that hears it. The Rose is no exception. 

According to my research I've put into this group, here's what I've found out. 

They started out as 'Windfall'(윈드폴)which honestly I feel is actually a better name than 'The Rose'. Windfall just sounds better. They had a Youtube channel, but it seems they didn't get very far with it. 

This being the only video and it's posted from a year ago. Maybe that's because the company they're under was immediately like "We'll snatch them up while we get the chance!" 

Smart move, I just hope you make them as big as they deserve to be. They have so much talent and this is an amazing song so like I'm so hoping this goes well!!!

For a debut song it really was pretty awesome also. 

They are right along the lines of Nell which of course is one of my favorite Korean Indie Rock groups of all time.. Indie Rock is just great, yeah?

The group has 4 members.. 

For hopes that their Facebook will get more likes, I'm going to just include the Facebook posts from their official Facebook. 

This band has EVERYTHING. They have the sound, the vocals, and the visuals. They can go FAR places. And if they ever came to America, I would so support them in every way I could. I love their talent and hard work they put into their work and I just want them to know that they're appreciated. And  I don't believe that any of them are older than me because they all look so much younger than me. Just saying.

I really hope this band goes very far places and accomplishes so much! I don't want them to vanish one day. I want each song they release to become more and more successful until they don't know what to do with their fame because they're just THAT popular. 

The music video is definitely worth watching even if you aren't into Indie Rock, you might be surprised just how amazing they are. 

Side note: I started writing this right before 12 AM. It's now after 2AM and I'm just now finishing it.. Which means this song has been on Loop for the past 2 hours and I still haven't gotten tired of listening to it!

Here's every Social Media Link I know of to keep updated with them!

Group Instagram

Individual Instagrams:
Do Joon
Jae Hyeong
Ha Joon

Group Twitter
Fan Cafe

And I think that's it! Go show them some love! :)

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