Friday, August 25, 2017

Featured Song of the Week! (8/25/17)

Day6 - It Would Have Been (그럴 텐데)

This has got to be my number 1 favorite song by Day6 right now. (I do love all of their songs, but this one is so superior) There's just so much feeling in it and the lyrics are so good. Honestly, I think this is probably the most underrated song Day6 has ever made. So far, I have loved all of their songs. This one gives serious feels. And is best played with the volume 100% up and screaming it at the top of your lungs. There's just something so refreshing about it. 

Young K has become my favorite vocalist in this group. Also my bias. But it's crazy because he was just their 'rapper' before, but now he's even taken over my favorite vocalist spot. Not necessarily because his voice is just the best voice in the whole world and no one can beat him. Honestly, Sungjin and Jae kinda have better vocals, but there is something about Young K's voice that just sings to my soul. In the beginning of this song when he's singing, my heart just completely melts. And Day6 was really smart to have him doing those opening lines because really before you even hear the rest of the song, you're already sold. I'm serious. It's THAT good. 

This group has easily become one of my all time favorite groups to date, and rightfully so. They're so different than most debuting groups these days, and of course I'm just a sucker for rock groups. (As we have learned in the past)

2017 is and will continue to be one of my favorite years in the Korean music world! Mostly in part by Day6 releasing a new song every month. :)

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