Monday, August 7, 2017

K.A.R.D Debut!!

Hola Hola!

Don't kill me, I'm aware this is late! I'm not just listening to the song, though. I've listened to it ever since it released last month. Just July is the MOST HECTIC month of the year for me. Church events, summer trips, etc... So now it's August the 6th and I'm finally back on track and able to blog. It would have been earlier but... Ahem... The Hunks came to town... And when am I going to turn down seeing male strippers, right? Don't judge me, I'm young. :P


Yeah, you're welcome. 


So finally I am getting around to blogging about this AMAZING song/video. GREAT DEBUT!

Sometimes it's hard to remember that KARD didn't officially debut before July. What with "Oh Nana", "Don't Recall", and "Rumor" being absolute hits and they were just predebut projects. And then of course the first KARD tour in the US. 

Just a reminder that this can never get old. 

The song is just amazing. Very fitting for summer time. I think one of my favorite things was that they actually included "Oh NaNaNa" in their debut song. That song got them alot of attention and I feel it was a very awesome and fitting tribute to it. 

And of course the dancing... 

It's KARD... So you know the dancing will be freaking awesome as always. This group is killer!!!!

There has never been a kpop group in the history of Kpop that affected me like KARD has. Obviously, saying I haven't gone to ANY Kpop concerts before the KARD tour. And I've liked Kpop since roughly like 2011. Nothing in terms of financial situation has  changed, just I found myself REALLY wanting to go to their concert because I love them so much. And rightfully so. They deserve all the love they get. Of course, in the past the only Kpop group I loved almost as much as KARD was UKISS. And now I love KARD wayyyyy more than UKISS. Which is a SUPER achievement. 

And does anyone else notice how Somin just keeps getting more and more beautiful? Like what's up with that? Obviously she was gorgeous before but she's definitely become girl bias for me. TEACH ME YOUR SECRETS!! I won't share them with anyone else. 

Ya know what I LOVE/hate the most about BM? His stupid gorgeous smirk and his dumb sexy body rolls. I love them soooo sooooo much like seriously I'm this dude's number one fan. He's just the coolest. But then again I seriously hate them because like I don't have the money to go to every single concert they do. But if I had extra money, I would literally go see every single concert KARD did. I'd follow them around like a groupie. What would a KARD groupie be named? Hmmmm... Not their official fandom name. I'm talking like groupies that follow bands around. LOL 

Every member in this group is so talented on so many different levels. They are going very far places. I wish for them all to be so successful they won't even know what him them. I hope they gain new fans in Korea and Internationally and continue to grow their fanbase and throw out jams as always. 

Don't forget that tickets for WILD KARD in the USA pt 2 go on sale August 12, 2017! It's an experience of a life time and I would highly recommend it to everyone everywhere!

Again, sorry I'm so late! I'll try to stay on top of these things as they go, but sometimes life gets a little hectic ya know? Thanks for reading and again... GO TO THEIR CONCERT. 

Blog post over.

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