Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Midweek Blast from the Past!

Rain - Dirty Sexy...ahem.. I mean 30Sexy. 

Both names are completely relevant and true. He's dirty sexy and 30 sexy. This is why a lot of K-Pop fans are single. I'm quite certain of it. Because our standards raised to Rain standards and there's literally one one person capable of being Rain standard in this world. Rain himself. And Kim Tae Hee snatched him up real fast. Girl I DO NOT blame you. Lawd. 

At 30 he still looked THIS GOOD. And he JUST KEPT GETTING BETTER LOOKING. THIS IS WITCHCRAFT. And forever the reason I'll be forever alone. Because my standards raised to Rain and since he's forever married and happy, I'll just watch him and pretend that if I didn't look like a lumpy potato that could have been me. 

Okay so maybe I exaggerate a little bit, sue me. I came across this song again somehow. I don't exactly know how. I was on Youtube and then it sucked me into the sexual black hole that is Rain. 

No one in this world will ever be able to accomplish the sex appeal Rain gives. There will never be another Korean celebrity that can just so fluently be sexy without even trying. It doesn't happen. Se7en comes close, everything about him is sexual to me... But Rain... Rain has the sex appeal DOWN. And this song showcases that. He's not doing too much but you can tell he has more sex appeal in his pinky TOE than most kpop idols have these days. 

Lawd get me off this post. 

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