Saturday, August 12, 2017

$$$$$$Show me the Money 6 $$$$$$

Bunny here with a new ... semi series? I guess you call it?  SHOW ME THE MONEY SEASON 6.

This is how it's going to break down. I'll probably do a post for each round of  the show. If I feel that it would be better in two parts then I might do that, but for the most part it'll be one post per round. The post might be a little long, but I really want to hit every corner of  "What's going on."  So first I'll explain how the round works, then I'll give a break
 down on my favorite performances of the round, then I'll give my thoughts and opinions on different artist and or how I felt the round went!

Sorry I know I'm late on this and I promise I'm trying to catch up.

I think I'm most excited about this series out of all of them. Honestly if you read my blogs you know that a lot of my favorite wrappers have been on this show and a new season means new artist for me.

I'm kind of hoping for a lot of things.
         1. I hope to see a lot of guys back this year that didn't get very far last season.
         2. NEW ARTIST is a must. I love meeting new artist and falling for them.
         3. New stories. I love  hearing the stories of the contestants. I mean that's why they are their.
         4. I mean duh the music!!!!!!!

This is really one of my favorite shows so I'm totally excited to share my views on it :D

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