Saturday, September 30, 2017

Bunny's Hoppin Hip Hop Music

HEY EVERYONE, Welcome back to the HOPPIN HIP HOP CORNER, It's ya girl Bunny here. And today we are going to talk about Junoflo's new single.

On September 15 Junoflo released a new single Static.

I love Feel Ghood Music they have a lot of really good artist. I like this song. The old school beat really fits his type of flow. I'm excited about his new album coming out and also about how far he goes in SMTM 6 (stay tuned and read ;) )  He had one come out on the 13 as well called "Good morning" and I liked that one as well.

I liked him in SMTM5 and I was so sad when he got eliminated so I'm so happy he's back and I hope he makes it. FIGHTING JUNOFLO!!!

Friday, September 29, 2017

Featured Song of the Week! (9/29/17)

U-Know - Drop

Guys this song and music video has brought out a new side of Yunho that I have never seen before. I'm sorry, I know his stage name is U-Know; but I still call Max "Changmin". Forgive me, I'm basically just Korean at this point. LOL

All I can say is, the army did wonders for this man. 

Like it's a friggin bangin song dude! Definitely one of my favorites right now. And I have never seen him go this hard guys. He's a hard worker, but you can tell how hard he worked on this song and it's CRAZY. 

I've always loved TVXQ. Even when JYJ members were still in there. Changmin (Max) has ALWAYS been my bias.  But I'm thinking that my bias has just been wrecked. I am just loving Yunho more and more these days. Seriously. 

I appreciate all the effort put into this song. It's definitely one of my favorite comebacks of this year. 

According to a few sources, there is suppose to be a Changmin comeback soon also? Lord help me, there may be a battle of the bias' over here. 

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Midweek Blast from the Past! (9/27/17)

Brown Eyed Soul - You

I am fully aware I have been using a lot of ballads these days. I just started to notice that not only Kim Jong Kook didn't have lyric videos. I found out many ballads didn't have lyric videos so I took it upon myself to start making them all. (Which, btw guys, we take these lyric video makers for granted. These things aren't so simple to make) Ballads get no love. But why don't they? I love many Korean ballads. 

So this week's blast from the past is one of the only songs I even know by this group period. I found it many years ago and I just loved it. 

Really this group always reminded me of a Korean Boyz II Men. No? Do you agree? KDQ agrees with me. They are just SO GOOD. I love some soul type music every now and then. This song is just the best. 


Saturday, September 23, 2017

Bunny's Hoppin Hip Hop Corner

Hey y'all welcome to BUNNY'S hoppin hip hop corner. I'm excited to tell y'all a bit of news.


I had my first listen to it the other day and I cant stop. When I first of BewhY I really was kinda Meh about him mainly cause I saw him in SMTM and I liked other people. But I couldn't deny his talent then and I can't do it now. I really don't know what it is about BewhY maybe his unique sound maybe? But I'm hooked y'all. Give it a listen. My favorite is "Red Carpet" and "9gucci Bank".Do you know how mad it I am that I can't go and see him. But I am proud of him and happy that he's making it in the big time. There are a lot of people who are on SMTM and never make it out. Below is a newly released video of one of his songs "9gucci Bank"

Friday, September 22, 2017

Featured Song of the Week! (9/22/17)

오연준 - 제주도의 푸른 밤 

Okay, guys.. I found this little guy on We Kid.. That show is some serious kind of amazing. The kids on that show have more talent than I have in my pinky toenail. Besides this guy, there's about 2 more little dude's that just really excite me about that show. 1 makes my heart just stop, and the other makes it want to party. You try to guess who the other 2 are. :)

At such a young age, he has such a clear and amazing voice! 

Do check this boy out! He deserves it. His official facebook is here. 

Not your typical Featured song of the week, but still relevant! Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Midweek Blast from the Past! (9/20/17)

Sung Si Kyung - Goodbye, My Love

This song is one of my favorites. Recently while watching Return of Superman, I saw an episode with Sung Si Kyung with Ji On

Long story short, my everlasting love for Sung Si Kyung has been revived. On my list of ballad singers, I actually think he could be my absolute favorite (voice wise). His voice is just so amazing and lovely and I am smitten with him. 

And he'd make such a great dad!! 
Sad... You know you're growing up when you label a man's attractiveness on how good of a father they would be. LOL

So I thought this week I would throw in some Sung Si Kyung. 

Of course.. Like KJK, I noticed that he didn't have a lyric video for the song I wanted to feature so I went ahead and made one.  

It's not perfect. My keyboard was being wonky and not typing out the romanization's well. So like a few times, there may be a letter missing -_-

But I love this song so much. It's not even a happy song. It's about breaking up, but it just sounds so nice. 

I first became obsessed with Sung Si Kyung after watching 'Reply 1994' when he did that remake of Seo Taeji and the Boys' song for the OST. I won't get into that too much because eventually that one will be on my blast from the pasts also. Heh.

Enjoy the lovely voice, lovelies! I know I am.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Bunnys Hoppin hip hop corner

Hey y'all some new things developing in the music area for the BUNNY so lets get into it. First up is.....


Bobby has his first album coming out he released two new videos for us Thursday 9\14\17 "Run away" and "I love you"

I'm not sure which I like more. I was really surprised it's a different side to the Bobby we know in Ikon. It's not as hard rap hes actually signing in a lot of parts. I mean he still has his rap verse, but it caught me a little off guard when he started singing in falsetto in "I love you". His voice is actually not too bad. My ears were happy. When I first saw the teasers to the videos I was so ready. And honestly I wasn't disappointed. I think I like "I love you" as a song better, but I like the "Runaway" meaning and video better.

With the intro of His new album WHICH IS SO GOOD, I only have one thing to say.... YOUR TURN MINO.... PPPPLLLLEEEAAAASSSEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 15, 2017

Featured Song of the Week! (9/15/17)

Sunmi (선미) - Gashina (가시나)

Ok, this song has been killing the charts since it came out. At first, I really thought I wasn't going to like this song, but after listening to it for a bit, I started to understand what the hype was about. 

The music video is cute and quirky and the dance is just sexy. Plus it actually is just a really cool sounding song. Then again, Sunmi doesn't put out bad songs. She always kills charts. haha. 

(This one I especially liked. Who doesn't like watching muscular men do the girly dances?)

It's definitely worth checking out!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Show Me the Money 6 round 3

Hey everyone it's you favorite Bunny here at HAS, okay so I'm the only Bunny here at HAS, anyway I'm coming at you with the next round of SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!!!

Okay so this is my favorite round, and the rules are simple. Round three is known as the....BATTLE ROUNDS. Why is it my favorite? Who doesn't love a good fight to the death. In this round contestants go head to head in a rap battle. Now what I find interesting about this round is the judges look for who is the best of the two but they also look for who works well the best together and I think that's cool. In this round it really comes down to who put on the best show. And Love that.

So they changed it up a little bit this year. Turns out in round two everyone got the chance to rank and score one another. At the end of the questionnaire the person who's name was called gets to chose from the list of who thinks they could beat them. Ex.. Me and HAS Shanea enter...Shanea puts on her questionnaire that she could beat me and is confident about it so I have the opportunity to pick her to BATTLE. I thought it was kind of cool but I didn't understand the reason for the ranking system. Maybe I missed something.

With this round I'm just going to do a few and I'm going to skip around because there was a lot and I want to get straight to it. I'm going to give you my predictions on the battle and who will win and why then we'll talk about who actually won.

Okay so FIRST UP. P-type vs. Digiri. When I first found out that they were battling I thought Digiri would win for sure. I just see Digiri as a better rapper than P-type. Both of them are old school Korean rappers and have been around for a really long time. I've just never really liked P-type's personality. In round 2 Digiri did horrible and a lot of people were disgusted, and thought that he  shouldn't have made it to the next round, but his plan was to fool everyone and he did. He was amazing this round and shocked the judges. All except Tiger JK who honestly I think was in on it the whole time. The battle wound up being a tie!!! And my heart skipped. They did another one and honestly it was just as good as the first one. In the end P-TYPE was crowned as the winner and given the hat.

Junoflo was on my list next his rank was tied first with Nucksal but he picks someone I've never heard of Simba Zawadi? I picked Junoflo for this one because one it's Junoflo and two that other guy had a weird name. lol  Junoflo killed it like we knew he would and he takes the win.

Punchnello vs Myundo. My prediction was Punch hands down like I've said before I love punch. If you have seen previous seasons you know that Myundo was on season ...5  I believe. He went up in the battles with my hubby Woo Tae Won and it ended up in a 3 or 4 time tie. That... Was my favorite battle of all time. I like Myundo but he always goes against My bias so it's hard for me to truly appreciate him. So they battle and to me first round literally head to head both were so good. And of course it ends in a tie. In the tiebreaker Punchnello forgets his lyrics and gives up. So sad!! You learn later that right before the battle he finds out his Lol is sick and you feel bad for him. But Myundo is the ultimate winner in this one. I was really sad to see him go but I like Myundo too so.

Up next on my list MICRODOT VS MANIAC. okay so we saw a small glimpse of MICRODOT in round one but we've never seen him preform in this season yet. Honestly they should just not let him audition anymore lol Microdot is talented. He has a lot of fts. With people out right now, along with his own singles. It seems like every seasons he comes out and every season he fails lol. My prediction on this one is MANIAC. I like Maniac's tone and flow and his old school style so I chose him. He didn't disappoint you can't just force talent like that. I have never heard of Manaic till this show but I'm glad he's here cause to me he kills Microdot. And the judges thought the same Maniac wins.

So next is Penomeco vs Asol. So In the beginning I knew Pen would win because honestly girls don't make it that far in this show for some reason. But when she opened her !!!!! She shocked EVERYONE!!!! The judges I like Penomeco from the first round and he thought it was gonna be easy....but she came out ready and slicing down all in her way. The two worked well together I thought. And that was cool. (battle below) Asol took that one home in one of the most shocking battles of the season for me.

Lol this next one though. Boi b vs Black 9. So like I said in round 2 I've never heard of Black 9 till round 2 but when he did his fire round I was blown away. And I became a fan. Boi b made a mistake by choosing him I think. And I predicted him as an easy win. I had a lot of hopes coming into this battle because I just knew Boi b was going to lose big time. But honestly it wound up being an evenly matched battle. But my Boi ...... Black 9 wins lol

Hash Swan went up against Jin Doggae? I like Hash's tone really. Kind of reminds me of BeWhy a little. I haven't heard much from Jin Doggae he was on the season of SMTM i didn't watch. I think they worked well together but I honestly thought Hash has a better flow. Then Jin doggae messed his lyrics up and Hash wins.

Sleepy Vs Zesty.... okay so I'm not gonna say again how much I LOVE Sleepy after this. I hope and pray he gets far. I don't think he'll win in fact I didn't think he would win this round after his forgotten lyrics half way through. I still don't really know who Zesty is BUT ... the dude had bars ya'll... like he impressed me. I thought surly Sleepy was out this round BUT sleepy moves on and and it's Zesty that goes home.

Nucksal vs A-Tol next... Another Female rapper I didn't remember until the replay. She reminded me of Queen Latifa for some reason hahaha. What a hard battle though going up against Nucksal she had to be nervous. Cause you know Nucksal got up there and was this and dominated. It showed though cause she forgot her lyrics and couldn't recover. The Judges were so sad though because they were really rooting for her. Nucksal wins with that though and it's on to the next group on my list.

JJk vs Poy. Not gonna lie I had never heard of Poy till not and as far as I'm concerned I don't really care. He to me just ... wasn't what I want to listen too. His lyrics didn't match the beat AT ALL to me. And I was pissed with JJK forgot his lyrics I thought it was gonna be the end. But his Freestyle paid off and he picked it back up. He's not a freestyle champion for nothing ya'll. In the end they took him because of that and JJK moves on to the next round.

I've been saving this one for last because honestly ya'll I've grown to have a....thing for this boy and I can't deny that he makes my heart skip. Woo Won Jae he wound up being 3rd in the rankings and when I tell you I almost fainted with joy, I really did lol. There's just something about this guy that I just really like and I can't help it. Everybody in the building wanted him to go with Ignito because of their similar rapping style and honestly I kinda did too. and that's who he picked !!!! So I was already expecting it to be a really good battle. But this went BEYOND MY EXPECTATIONS. They picked this beat that just suited both of their styles perfectly. Both of them were so poetic and even a little bit strategic about how they did things. I really wanted both of them too stay. WHY COULDN'T BOTH OF THEM JUST STAY!!!!!!!!! OMG !!!!!! At the end of this one I still didn't know who was gonna win. I knew I wanted Won Jae to win but Ignito was really good too... It wound up being a tie and the judges were even more excited about the second try then the first one. (Because it was literally just that good both times) In the end though they felt that they couldn't give Won Jae up and he won the round sending Ignitio out of the show. :( BUT I LOVE YOU WONJAE!!!  He has literally become my favorite of all this season not going to lie.

If you liked Ignito better I wouldn't worry cause guess what!!!! HE'S BACK YA'LL

I won't write any more lol STICK AROUND NEXT WEEK FOR ROUND 4 !!!!!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Midweek Blast from the Past! (9/13/17)

Kim Jong Kook - Star, Wind, Sunshine, and Love

This song is one of my favorites by KJK. Then again, every song by KJK is really one of my favorites. I just love him and his music. Such a sweet mosquito voice coming out of a big muscular man. It's amazing. Haha

So I recently made a lyric video for this song and put it on Youtube. I noticed there was a lack of KJK lyric videos on there and decided I would change that by putting up some lyric videos of songs that don't currently already have one. Enjoy!!

Friday, September 8, 2017

Featured Song of the Week! (9/8/17)

Day6 - I Loved You

So.. On Wednesday, Day6 released their new song "I Loved You".. 
And it is so amazing. 

I know me saying that I love this song probably doesn't have any effect on any of you saying as how I literally love every song this group puts out. And I do mean EVERY SONG. But really compared to recent comebacks, this song is a lot nicer. The other months, it took me a little bit to completely fall in love with the songs, but this one I am in love with from the beginning. To further solidify how great this song is KDQ even loves this song and she's not as big of a Day6 fan as I am. 

One thing I love... Is that Dowoon is just so loved. Really, he is. Even though he could be considered as "just the drummer" he's really not. 

He's just as much family as the rest of the group and vital to them. 

And he's just so super cute that it is ridiculous. Especially with his yogurt later on.

He's so peaceful when he's doing his job <3 

Next, Young K just kills me in everything that he does. When he smiles, when he sings, when he breathes... You get the gist, yes? 

One thing I love about this group is Jae... The fact that Jae in music videos and Jae on Twitter are complete polar opposites. 

Look, he's all sweet and innocent. 

Meanwhile, there's Twitter Jae who is my spirit animal for real... I live for Jae tweets. They make life a better place. 

He's so weird and witty and is really just a guy I want to be besties with. I feel like we could hang. You don't get that vibe from alot of idols. 

Sungjin is just a cutie <3

Wonpil looks so sad :(

It's definitely worth looking into, guys. Day6 is just the best rock group out here these days.  And for some reason their views are so low and they just don't win awards. :(

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Show Me the Money 6 Round 2

YOOOO it's everyone's favorite Hip Hop Bunny here at HAS. So I'm at you again with some Show Me The Money 6 thoughts. This post as you see on the title is Round 2. So I'm going to explain how it works and then I'm going to break down some of the artist and my thoughts and opinions. Just like last time I man not show videos or pics for all of them, to conserve space, but I will show ones of my favorite. There's going to be a lot of new faces in this round that I didn't talk about last round because they didn't air. But I do thinking that they deserve to be talked about. So bare with me, it's coming at you as fast as I can! Lets Get It!!!

How this round works.

Each contestant from the last round gets a chain like I said. So in this round each of them get 60 seconds to preform a rap. So the "producers" have a pass or fail button. If they like what they hear in the 60 second time,  they pass if they don't they fail... simple right. Here's the catch. If the contestant has at LEAST ONE producer that pass him he moves on to round three, if not, bye bye to the contestant and or she puts his chain in the ring of fire. 

They pass. 
They Fail.
 Spooky right? 

now like I said above it only takes one judge to pass them. It's not a majority vote. If all fail you and one passes you then your on to the next round. I find this tricky cause most of the time it's the opposite. So now you know how it works lets get down to the performances shall we? 

So the first one up is Penomeco. So it's brought up that Korean hip hop is all about the people you know and that Show Me the Money is just a place to network and use your connections. Now Penomeco is friends with Zico and has known him since they went to school in Japan. This kind of hurt my feelings again because of the fact that the same thing happens with Woo Taewoon. I'm not saying that networking doesn't exist, and I'm not saying that it's not "convenient" that Peno was here. But what I will say is in ROUND 1 Pencomeco wasn't even judged by Zico or Dean or any fellow members of FANXY CHILD. So the fact that he has haters just to me means that he's got someone that idolizes him enough to put him on a pedestal SO BYE HATERS BECAUSE HE FREAKING KILLS IT!!!! Murders the beat... BYE HATERS!!!

Next up was Junoflo. Okay so everyone knows that Junoflo killed it last season and a lot of people were unhappy that Hash Swan got him out. okay we get it. I wasn't expecting anything spectacular out of his performance because it's Junoflo. Like he's so talented. So I expected him to pass. BUT YA'LLLLLLLL IF HE DIDN'T COME OUT AND SLAY.... world was shook. I said to myself that night IF HE DON'T COME OUT HERE AND FREAKING WORK THIS STAGE YA'LL!!!! came out and was like LET ME PLAY WITH THIS BEAT A LITTLE BIT... omg he was one of my favorites this round and it was the only beginning. 

Up next is someone we didn't see in round 1 and I'm disappointed. Not because he wasn't good but because he was FANTASTIC. It through me off guard. I was like WOOO WHY YOU SNEAKING up on everyone like that. You got to give it to me easy you can't just pop out of the blue and be like BAM I'M HERE SNITCHES!!!! his name... Black Nine and ya'll he's become one of the faves. I know I say this a lot but the boy just ... omg ... like I don't even know what to say. His performance had a little of an old school feel and I like that in new rappers.

So next was Na Sang Wook he was one from the US. I had high hopes for him and in the beginning he did so good...lived up to my expectations. BUT!!! he forgot his lyrics whaa whaaa... and rip he was the first one to fail and leave the competition. A lot of US contestants failed quickly afterwords which they a lot of the times do. I don't fee like it's cause they don't have the talent. I feel like a lot of them their Korean just isn't up to par so they get knocked out quicker. And that's all fine I mean it is a Korean show so.

Next is P-Type. We didn't see him in round one either BUT we did see him Show me the Money season 4. I know him for his Haterish thoughts of the show. P-Type is someone who is a "role model" to a lot of KHop people. He has been around for a while. I won't tell you what he said about the show because I'm just lazy if you want to know what he said go watch it LOL. Anyway! In SMTM 4 he lost in round 2 and was voted out. But this round he didn't do that bad, and honestly I was a little shocked. I usually don't like his "style" of rap, but I had respect for him a little after this round.

Ignito is next. "Demon King" okay so I have never heard of this 1st Generation rapper, but when I looked him up after this episode I will be looking him up more. He to me seems to be an AMAZING lyricists and I love rappers like this. Ignito is know for his dark lyrics that's why they call him the "Demon Rapper" or the "Rapper from Hell" I LOVED his old school flow and his lyrics really cool. This is why I love this show so much. I had never heard of this rapper before and now I have a WHOLE new genre of music to listen too!

(more about him in round 3 just wait for it)

Where the is a Devil there has to be an Angel right? Enter Kebee! So here is another one that wasn't in the first round but showed up in this one. He is said to be the opposite of Ignito in every way. Kebee is the CEO of former Soul Company. Where have you heard that name? Oh just from people like Mad Clown and The Quiett. Unfortunately this is all you will see of Kebee in this show because he fell due to forgetting his lyrics.

The next artist I'd like to talk about I talk about a lot in the first round. I didn't know who he was and I don't think anyone else did either. But this boy has legit changed my views on Korean Hip Hop. I don't even know what to say His lyrics "I've heard life was beautiful, but I'm struggling to breath in Hell" you can't say doesn't make you feel some type of way. This artist has become my favorite out of the whole competition Woo Won Jae.... now do I think he can win it? ...IDK but ... if he does.....ya'll ... I will lose all my marbles... like ... I'm behind him 100% right now ... he's my choice hands down.

So next on the list is Trudey Winner of Unpretty Rapstar... honestly I thought she was terrible but Zico and Dean held out. Zico says she can do better.... we will see in round three.

KIllagramz okay so I love the beat he chose honestly. But to me he was he kinda lacked in the lyrics aspect of it.

Absint and rek form the USA are gone. which is okay I wasn't that keen on either one of them.

With all that Manaic from Uptown is in the mix (you don't really see much of him in round 1 just a picture of his face) he did this Busta Rymes type double time that was pretty cool. I liked his deep raspy style voice he has.

We can't forget about the young one though.. It's my Boy i thought he did really well in this round ... and he really did look a mini Dok2 lol I don't know if that's a good thing though....

Digiri is up next and WOO I don't know what he is smoking but he was AWFUL like ... so bad... I hope Tiger JK knows what he's doing.

So Nucksal is next on the list.... honestly I was a little disappointed, because he did his own song. But he did kill it and you can really tell his lvl of talent is different then a lot of the others. Kinda of like watching a NFL vs College football.. same thing but different.

Young B went next Killed it ... there is a reason he was HSR winner.

My boy No:EL was up after him. more negative comments. I liked him in the first round. But he let it get to him I believe and forgot his lyrics and it was bye bye No:el

Although I didn't talk about this artist in the first round he was there. Hangzoo part of Boi B's group, did very well in this round. it turns out that he actually is sick.... He is actually blind in one eye ... was a sad story but he made it ... so that's cool.

So I said this my last post but I'm so happy that Sleepy is here. I don't think he'll get past this round but a lot of people don't know that he is a raper or that he was apart of Jiggy Fellaz or Untouchable. So I really want people to see him for the raper he is.... All that being said.

He Killed IT YA'LL. I LOVE HIM lol I always have and I always will. I just wish people would see him a lot more then they do. Maybe this will help that :D

Okay so that ends it for Round 2 guys stick around next week cause it's round 3 and you know what that means (for the people who watch it)........THIS....MEANS....WAR....that's all I will say :D see ya'll next week ;)

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Midweek Blast from the Past! (9/6/17)

Mad Clown ft Hyorin - Without You

This week's midweek blast from the past takes us back to 2014 with one of my favorite songs. 

This was actually the song that started my love for Mad Clown. I don't get really big into the rap scene, but after this song I did find a new appreciation for Mad Clown. No regrets. No regrets at all. 

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Show Me the Money 6 round 1 !!!!!

Hey yo it's everyone's favorite Hip Hop Bunny here. I'm coming at you with my thoughts about one of my FAVORITE Korean Tv shows. SHOW ME THE MONEY . For those of you who don't read my portion of the blog (you should) I've been talking about doing this for WEEKS and again I'm so sorry about not getting too it sooner.  I will say this SPOILER ALERT. If you have not seen this show yet and you want too, I may give info that shows the outcome. BUT I'm lets just jump right into it shall.


So round one (Preliminaries) is basically just the audition. They brake everyone into different pods and one "producer" from each group judges a pod. If you get a chain. One sort of like the above picture. I mean whats hip hop with out 2 chains and rollies (horrible dok2 reference)
Anyway before I get into a "I LOVE DOK2 SO MUCH" rant back to the post at hand. So basically you are judged on different things like what a lot of hip hop fanatics call "flow" (or what I like to call your sound sometimes) what big time officianodoes ( I don't think that's a real word but OH WELL SHOOT ME)  like to describe it as "how many syllables you brake your rap up into the beat. To me flow is kind of the way songs move along. Your sound. The way your voice "flows" with the beat. Punchlines are a given. The better the lyrics the more likely you get a chain. And just like every other music or talent competition, the producers look for what makes you different from the rest. 

What I find crazy about this season is the fight between 1st gen. rappers and newbies. With the addition of Tiger JK (that my boo!!!) it seemed like a lot of Old School people came to play. 
People like Onesun and Mc Hansai came out to audition (links below to their songs I'm just going to link them to save space.). It's that way around the world though when you think about it the old school people who opened doors for the young ones have something to prove. They are still relevant. They are still in the industry that they help build. Sadly most of the 1st generations were eliminated.... What were you thinking Dean. Honestly I was really shocked when he passed on Mc Hansi. But Dean definitely earned the nickname 1st gen. killer. When Dean explains himself I see why he eliminated them. He wanted them to be seen as rappers not as legends that can't be touched and I respect him for that. He wanted them to be judged fairly, so with that you have to understand, the 1st gen rappers knew what there were getting into before they came in.  BUT one brings it in for the Old timers.....My second favorite of the old schoolers.... DIGILI I actually had never heard of him like I had already heard of Mc Hansai, but I was impressed and I see why he made it.

I was also really surprised at the uprising of the little guys..... and by that I mean they had A LOT of like elementary kids audition. But there was one that had the confidence and really crushed it.

his name ....jun woochan and I'm loving it not even gonna lie.

With the young ones they have high schoolers as well such as Young B. Who I thought could have done a little better. But I was more impressed with NO:EL. You may remember him from the show "School Rapper." (where due to his past he chose to quit and reflect on himself. But he's back and to make up for his what he calls "immaturity" One person in the show even goes as far to say that a battle between NO:EL and Young B is going to be an epic battle, one to rival Blacknut and Song Mino. I personally am a fan more of NO:EL then Young B. I have nothing against Young B. I just prefer No:el's style. It takes a lot to admit you are wrong in any situation and it takes even bigger courage to try again after failing. So I'm Totally #TeamNoel.

If you watched this round already you know we had a lot of well known people come to this season... like ... PUNCHELLO yea!! ya'lll he's back... and I'm so excited. BigOne made it this round as well. I haven't talked about him a lot but BigOne is from VMC (artust like Deepflow, Don Mills, Nucksal) remember them? yea BigOne made it. Boi B  and Geegooin came back this season and I was SHOCKED when Geegooin forgot his lyrics OMG.

Before this I had a real harsh view of returning contestants. I personally feel like these type of shows should be left for the people who have never had a chance. But this season has some good match ups of returning people...

HASH SWAN IS BACK. If you watched the upset of Hash Swan in season 5 you know that Hash Swan leaving hurt a lot of people.... But wait there's more... you thought Hash was the only one... JUNFLO is back ....yaaazzzz I expect a lot from these two gentlemen.  Not gonna lie Junflo's choke this round scared me .... almost thought he was out for the count.

But here's where it gets a little .... too much for me. I've talked about both of these next two gentlemen before in previous post. Nucksal and Double K showed up to audition for this season. Now if you any of my post before this you know that I'm a HUGE Double K fan. Nucksal is also a fav. of mine and was nominated recently for hip hop album of the year. Although  I was happy to see Double K, he one the first ever Show Me the Money. So the question I ask myself first is "Why is he doing it again? He made it through this competition once why is he torturing himself?" BUT THEN HE HIT US WITH THE BARS YA'LL.... THE BARS.... AND IT WAS OVER WITH....R.I.P. TO ALL THE OTHERS IN THE ROOM... DOUBLE K JUST SPIT ON ALL OF YA'LL...I'm with Tiger JK he is going to win this season too. The battle between these two is gonna be so good I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS. So the point I make is. I'm a little on the fence about returns and already famous on this show. BUT and that's a capital "but" because I feel like both of these two have something to prove. Not gonna lie though TEAM DOUBLE K ALL THE WAY!!!!

There were some new faces to me though. One that really stole my heart Woo Wonjae this guy ya'll put his heart on the stage. To me ... in my OPINION that's what music be it whatever kind you listen too. It's about expressing yourself. and this guy ya'll... made me cry. I'm gonna post the video but if your not Korean you may need to find the subtitles.

Another one I don't know well (I've heard of him but he doesn't seem to be as big as some) PENOMECO. This guy caught me off guard. I was like WHO IS THIS DUDE.

These two are definitely going to keep an eye them :) you should too in the rounds to come.

I know "this chick is crazy with these long posts" BUT... THERE'S MORE.... you getting sleepy...oh well let me introduce you to my friend.... SLEEEPPPY

YA'LL of HAS.... when I saw Sleepy for the first time on this episode... I thought I was going to literally have a heart attack.... Below is a link to the post I've already done on Sleepy. But I'm SO PROUD OF HIM SHOWING UP AGAIN!!!!! YA'LL I love Sleepy so much. I do feel like people see him more as sleepy the comedian and not Sleepy the rapper and he's SUCH a good one. I feel like he has something to prove and I hope that he takes it real far... GO SLEEPY I'M BEHIND YOU!!!!

All of this excitement was just in Korea... I haven't even touched the USA auditions yet....

I was little disappointed at first that there wasn't a huge segment on the USA auditions because honestly that's what I was most interested in this season. But we had a pretty good turn out.. Absint and No SangWook ( I probably spelled that wrong, but we are going to go with it)  from NYC. then there was Reksitzzy and Los from LA. I prefer Los over Reksitzzy... Rek seemed kind of ...egotistical where as Los is out there trying to survive... but yall.... I found her... I've been talking about this girl for months to friends... and she came on to show me the money... so I'd like to introduce you to my idol.... Lee HeeSun


I know I know get back to the post Bunny. This girl (correction woman) ya'll right before I started watching the show. I was like OBSESSED with her. And when I saw her.... R.i.p ... I cried ya'll. I'm so happy and I prey and hop she makes it, because honestly if she don't Imma be pissed lol. But I'll still support her no matter what and ya'll should too.

 like for real just go youtube her.... do it.... you know you want to... do it now...

So I know what you're thinking ... when is she going to be done... WELL I'M DONE NOW... this is round one. I hope I didn't give a way spoilers, and I hope you go and watch it yourself. :D

Monday, September 4, 2017

New Obsession: Taeyang - Darling

Taeyang - Darling

Honestly, I like this song more than I liked 'Wake Me Up'. It's just so much nicer. I won't go into many specifics as one of the HAS writers has already called writing a blog on Taeyang's new album. Just wanted to state how amazing it is.  <3 

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Update on the Bunny

I'm so sorry everyone it's been super busy around the Bunny Igloo. I'm going back to school this year with 18 hours and I work a LOT. I'm just saying this because I just wanted to through out, I maybe a little off on my schedule and for that I totally apologize. Be patient with me they are coming I promise.

We have the Show Me the Money season 6 coming out probably as we speak. I wrote an intro on it already. If you are a reader of mine I PROMISE IT'S COMING .

In the near future, I'm thinking of doing more comebacks  of course.

More New artist.

More videos.

I'm not dead everyone!!!! I'll be back soon!!!!!

Featured Song of the Week! (9/2/17)


Okay, this is just pure comedic gold. But also aside from that is one of the coolest things I've seen in my life. 

If you have ever seen any of my posts, you would know that I love my Youtubers. Youtubers are just a whole other level of awesome for me because they're so real and down to earth compared to the idols who live in a whole other country and you have literally 0.2% chance of meeting. Plus I've grown up watching Youtubers of all sorts and they're just awesome to me. 

Specifically the covers this whole group of friends does, is just too cool. 

First things first, the song actually sounds pretty awesome. It's seriously not that bad. 

Kenny posted the lyrics on his Youtube, so just for educational purposes, I will post them here so all countries can translate them, just be informed, etc. 


Hey ma are you coming over?
Bring more soju I dont want to be sober

Late Night you been liking my pics
So come and get this 

Ige mwoya? (이게 뭐야?) What is this?

Let me eat that kimchi 
Let me eat that kimchi 

Ige mwoya? (이게 뭐야?) What is this?

Give me give me that kimchi 
Give me give me that kimchi 

I just landed in seoul city
I came here for the bomb bomb raw kimchi
Let's turn up itaewon gangnam hongdae
I’m so hyped lets papaparty ey
Beautiful women here is typical 
Combine with cheap flavored soju 
Oh my condition will be critical
Drinking in public it can't get more fictional
Killing my liver is mentally nutrional
Enhance my feels I’m itching to get physical
Wonahe manhi manhi bling bling dont TT
Bultraone all my ladies put your hands up
I wanna get down and f it up 
We extra ordinary 
My confidence attract many that wanna marry
I came here starving with a chopstick
Now scambling eggs with so many kimchi on my di i ish

Hey ma are you coming over?
Bring more soju I dont want to be sober

Late Night you been liking my pics
So come and get this 

Ige mwoya? (이게 뭐야?) What is this?

Let me eat that kimchi 
Let me eat that kimchi 

Ige mwoya? (이게 뭐야?) What is this?

Give me give me that kimchi 
Give me give me that kimchi 

I ain't trying catch 25 to life
19 ideal type
I leave em on seen
Leave em to hyped
Tryin tie me down
Not lookin for a wife
I ain't tryin stay the night
I'm just up to do you right 
I ain't gonna lie yes I bite
50 shades plus twilight
Pretty babes love the limelight
Makin waves out of sight

Yes you can me daddy
What you want
I know you a bady 
Go and flaunt
I love that Kimchi 
난 미진게 
미안하지 않다
It's gettin to hot
Crusin drop top
Got you sayin don't stop yeah
Got you sayin don't stop yeah 
Eat that Kimchi not stop yeah

Hey ma are you coming over?
Bring more soju I dont want to be sober

Late Night you been liking my pics
So come and get this 

Ige mwoya? (이게 뭐야?) What is this?

Let me eat that kimchi 
Let me eat that kimchi 

Ige mwoya? (이게 뭐야?) What is this?

Give me give me that kimchi 
Give me give me that kimchi 

Who in the building can give me some kimchi? 
Love it so much you can say its kinky.. 
Shout out Busan the flavor is so dope, 
Head to Hoban's when I'm not in Seoul 
Woah baby, we just met
You better not have no regrets
Got me savoring, got me in a sweat
Love it most yeah when its wet
Yeah now you know how we get down 
Soju or anything around
Getting so lit so wheres the loud?
Minnesota boy looking for ktown
Oh oh lawd yeah give me some wings
Call up Jimins brother or should I say twin
Wnax our first letter means win
Just a young drunk hitting up in your dm yeah

Hey ma are you coming over?
Bring more soju I dont want to be sober

Late Night you been liking my pics
So come and get this 

Ige mwoya? (이게 뭐야?) What is this?

Let me eat that kimchi 
Let me eat that kimchi 

Ige mwoya? (이게 뭐야?) What is this?

Give me give me that kimchi 

Give me give me that kimchi

I think the only bad thing about this song was the fact that I decided I was going to watch it in my school's library and busted out laughing so many times with eyes everywhere looking at me like I was crazy. Worth it though, worth it. WARNING: DO NOT WATCH THIS IN A PUBLIC PLACE. EXTREME LAUGHTER WILL HAPPEN. 

The best part? JC getting rubbed down with Kimchi. This is quite possibly the single most thing in this video that made me laugh the most. I don't know why it's so funny, but it was just so hilarious. 

I have a lot of respect for these guys and the content they put out. 

Please support these guys in every way you possibly can, whether you buy something or just share it for all your friends to see!

(This is also just freaking hilarious and I am so proud of so many people for this accomplishment)