Friday, September 29, 2017

Featured Song of the Week! (9/29/17)

U-Know - Drop

Guys this song and music video has brought out a new side of Yunho that I have never seen before. I'm sorry, I know his stage name is U-Know; but I still call Max "Changmin". Forgive me, I'm basically just Korean at this point. LOL

All I can say is, the army did wonders for this man. 

Like it's a friggin bangin song dude! Definitely one of my favorites right now. And I have never seen him go this hard guys. He's a hard worker, but you can tell how hard he worked on this song and it's CRAZY. 

I've always loved TVXQ. Even when JYJ members were still in there. Changmin (Max) has ALWAYS been my bias.  But I'm thinking that my bias has just been wrecked. I am just loving Yunho more and more these days. Seriously. 

I appreciate all the effort put into this song. It's definitely one of my favorite comebacks of this year. 

According to a few sources, there is suppose to be a Changmin comeback soon also? Lord help me, there may be a battle of the bias' over here. 

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