Friday, September 8, 2017

Featured Song of the Week! (9/8/17)

Day6 - I Loved You

So.. On Wednesday, Day6 released their new song "I Loved You".. 
And it is so amazing. 

I know me saying that I love this song probably doesn't have any effect on any of you saying as how I literally love every song this group puts out. And I do mean EVERY SONG. But really compared to recent comebacks, this song is a lot nicer. The other months, it took me a little bit to completely fall in love with the songs, but this one I am in love with from the beginning. To further solidify how great this song is KDQ even loves this song and she's not as big of a Day6 fan as I am. 

One thing I love... Is that Dowoon is just so loved. Really, he is. Even though he could be considered as "just the drummer" he's really not. 

He's just as much family as the rest of the group and vital to them. 

And he's just so super cute that it is ridiculous. Especially with his yogurt later on.

He's so peaceful when he's doing his job <3 

Next, Young K just kills me in everything that he does. When he smiles, when he sings, when he breathes... You get the gist, yes? 

One thing I love about this group is Jae... The fact that Jae in music videos and Jae on Twitter are complete polar opposites. 

Look, he's all sweet and innocent. 

Meanwhile, there's Twitter Jae who is my spirit animal for real... I live for Jae tweets. They make life a better place. 

He's so weird and witty and is really just a guy I want to be besties with. I feel like we could hang. You don't get that vibe from alot of idols. 

Sungjin is just a cutie <3

Wonpil looks so sad :(

It's definitely worth looking into, guys. Day6 is just the best rock group out here these days.  And for some reason their views are so low and they just don't win awards. :(

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