Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Midweek Blast from the Past! (9/20/17)

Sung Si Kyung - Goodbye, My Love

This song is one of my favorites. Recently while watching Return of Superman, I saw an episode with Sung Si Kyung with Ji On

Long story short, my everlasting love for Sung Si Kyung has been revived. On my list of ballad singers, I actually think he could be my absolute favorite (voice wise). His voice is just so amazing and lovely and I am smitten with him. 

And he'd make such a great dad!! 
Sad... You know you're growing up when you label a man's attractiveness on how good of a father they would be. LOL

So I thought this week I would throw in some Sung Si Kyung. 

Of course.. Like KJK, I noticed that he didn't have a lyric video for the song I wanted to feature so I went ahead and made one.  

It's not perfect. My keyboard was being wonky and not typing out the romanization's well. So like a few times, there may be a letter missing -_-

But I love this song so much. It's not even a happy song. It's about breaking up, but it just sounds so nice. 

I first became obsessed with Sung Si Kyung after watching 'Reply 1994' when he did that remake of Seo Taeji and the Boys' song for the OST. I won't get into that too much because eventually that one will be on my blast from the pasts also. Heh.

Enjoy the lovely voice, lovelies! I know I am.

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