Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Midweek Blast from the Past! (9/27/17)

Brown Eyed Soul - You

I am fully aware I have been using a lot of ballads these days. I just started to notice that not only Kim Jong Kook didn't have lyric videos. I found out many ballads didn't have lyric videos so I took it upon myself to start making them all. (Which, btw guys, we take these lyric video makers for granted. These things aren't so simple to make) Ballads get no love. But why don't they? I love many Korean ballads. 

So this week's blast from the past is one of the only songs I even know by this group period. I found it many years ago and I just loved it. 

Really this group always reminded me of a Korean Boyz II Men. No? Do you agree? KDQ agrees with me. They are just SO GOOD. I love some soul type music every now and then. This song is just the best. 


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