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Show Me the Money 6 round 1 !!!!!

Hey yo it's everyone's favorite Hip Hop Bunny here. I'm coming at you with my thoughts about one of my FAVORITE Korean Tv shows. SHOW ME THE MONEY . For those of you who don't read my portion of the blog (you should) I've been talking about doing this for WEEKS and again I'm so sorry about not getting too it sooner.  I will say this SPOILER ALERT. If you have not seen this show yet and you want too, I may give info that shows the outcome. BUT I'm lets just jump right into it shall.


So round one (Preliminaries) is basically just the audition. They brake everyone into different pods and one "producer" from each group judges a pod. If you get a chain. One sort of like the above picture. I mean whats hip hop with out 2 chains and rollies (horrible dok2 reference)
Anyway before I get into a "I LOVE DOK2 SO MUCH" rant back to the post at hand. So basically you are judged on different things like what a lot of hip hop fanatics call "flow" (or what I like to call your sound sometimes) what big time officianodoes ( I don't think that's a real word but OH WELL SHOOT ME)  like to describe it as "how many syllables you brake your rap up into the beat. To me flow is kind of the way songs move along. Your sound. The way your voice "flows" with the beat. Punchlines are a given. The better the lyrics the more likely you get a chain. And just like every other music or talent competition, the producers look for what makes you different from the rest. 

What I find crazy about this season is the fight between 1st gen. rappers and newbies. With the addition of Tiger JK (that my boo!!!) it seemed like a lot of Old School people came to play. 
People like Onesun and Mc Hansai came out to audition (links below to their songs I'm just going to link them to save space.). It's that way around the world though when you think about it the old school people who opened doors for the young ones have something to prove. They are still relevant. They are still in the industry that they help build. Sadly most of the 1st generations were eliminated.... What were you thinking Dean. Honestly I was really shocked when he passed on Mc Hansi. But Dean definitely earned the nickname 1st gen. killer. When Dean explains himself I see why he eliminated them. He wanted them to be seen as rappers not as legends that can't be touched and I respect him for that. He wanted them to be judged fairly, so with that you have to understand, the 1st gen rappers knew what there were getting into before they came in.  BUT one brings it in for the Old timers.....My second favorite of the old schoolers.... DIGILI I actually had never heard of him like I had already heard of Mc Hansai, but I was impressed and I see why he made it.

I was also really surprised at the uprising of the little guys..... and by that I mean they had A LOT of like elementary kids audition. But there was one that had the confidence and really crushed it.

his name ....jun woochan and I'm loving it not even gonna lie.

With the young ones they have high schoolers as well such as Young B. Who I thought could have done a little better. But I was more impressed with NO:EL. You may remember him from the show "School Rapper." (where due to his past he chose to quit and reflect on himself. But he's back and to make up for his what he calls "immaturity" One person in the show even goes as far to say that a battle between NO:EL and Young B is going to be an epic battle, one to rival Blacknut and Song Mino. I personally am a fan more of NO:EL then Young B. I have nothing against Young B. I just prefer No:el's style. It takes a lot to admit you are wrong in any situation and it takes even bigger courage to try again after failing. So I'm Totally #TeamNoel.

If you watched this round already you know we had a lot of well known people come to this season... like ... PUNCHELLO yea!! ya'lll he's back... and I'm so excited. BigOne made it this round as well. I haven't talked about him a lot but BigOne is from VMC (artust like Deepflow, Don Mills, Nucksal) remember them? yea BigOne made it. Boi B  and Geegooin came back this season and I was SHOCKED when Geegooin forgot his lyrics OMG.

Before this I had a real harsh view of returning contestants. I personally feel like these type of shows should be left for the people who have never had a chance. But this season has some good match ups of returning people...

HASH SWAN IS BACK. If you watched the upset of Hash Swan in season 5 you know that Hash Swan leaving hurt a lot of people.... But wait there's more... you thought Hash was the only one... JUNFLO is back ....yaaazzzz I expect a lot from these two gentlemen.  Not gonna lie Junflo's choke this round scared me .... almost thought he was out for the count.

But here's where it gets a little .... too much for me. I've talked about both of these next two gentlemen before in previous post. Nucksal and Double K showed up to audition for this season. Now if you any of my post before this you know that I'm a HUGE Double K fan. Nucksal is also a fav. of mine and was nominated recently for hip hop album of the year. Although  I was happy to see Double K, he one the first ever Show Me the Money. So the question I ask myself first is "Why is he doing it again? He made it through this competition once why is he torturing himself?" BUT THEN HE HIT US WITH THE BARS YA'LL.... THE BARS.... AND IT WAS OVER WITH....R.I.P. TO ALL THE OTHERS IN THE ROOM... DOUBLE K JUST SPIT ON ALL OF YA'LL...I'm with Tiger JK he is going to win this season too. The battle between these two is gonna be so good I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS. So the point I make is. I'm a little on the fence about returns and already famous on this show. BUT and that's a capital "but" because I feel like both of these two have something to prove. Not gonna lie though TEAM DOUBLE K ALL THE WAY!!!!

There were some new faces to me though. One that really stole my heart Woo Wonjae this guy ya'll put his heart on the stage. To me ... in my OPINION that's what music be it whatever kind you listen too. It's about expressing yourself. and this guy ya'll... made me cry. I'm gonna post the video but if your not Korean you may need to find the subtitles.

Another one I don't know well (I've heard of him but he doesn't seem to be as big as some) PENOMECO. This guy caught me off guard. I was like WHO IS THIS DUDE.

These two are definitely going to keep an eye them :) you should too in the rounds to come.

I know "this chick is crazy with these long posts" BUT... THERE'S MORE.... you getting sleepy...oh well let me introduce you to my friend.... SLEEEPPPY

YA'LL of HAS.... when I saw Sleepy for the first time on this episode... I thought I was going to literally have a heart attack.... Below is a link to the post I've already done on Sleepy. But I'm SO PROUD OF HIM SHOWING UP AGAIN!!!!! YA'LL I love Sleepy so much. I do feel like people see him more as sleepy the comedian and not Sleepy the rapper and he's SUCH a good one. I feel like he has something to prove and I hope that he takes it real far... GO SLEEPY I'M BEHIND YOU!!!!

All of this excitement was just in Korea... I haven't even touched the USA auditions yet....

I was little disappointed at first that there wasn't a huge segment on the USA auditions because honestly that's what I was most interested in this season. But we had a pretty good turn out.. Absint and No SangWook ( I probably spelled that wrong, but we are going to go with it)  from NYC. then there was Reksitzzy and Los from LA. I prefer Los over Reksitzzy... Rek seemed kind of ...egotistical where as Los is out there trying to survive... but yall.... I found her... I've been talking about this girl for months to friends... and she came on to show me the money... so I'd like to introduce you to my idol.... Lee HeeSun


I know I know get back to the post Bunny. This girl (correction woman) ya'll right before I started watching the show. I was like OBSESSED with her. And when I saw her.... R.i.p ... I cried ya'll. I'm so happy and I prey and hop she makes it, because honestly if she don't Imma be pissed lol. But I'll still support her no matter what and ya'll should too.

 like for real just go youtube her.... do it.... you know you want to... do it now...

So I know what you're thinking ... when is she going to be done... WELL I'M DONE NOW... this is round one. I hope I didn't give a way spoilers, and I hope you go and watch it yourself. :D

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