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Show Me the Money 6 Round 2

YOOOO it's everyone's favorite Hip Hop Bunny here at HAS. So I'm at you again with some Show Me The Money 6 thoughts. This post as you see on the title is Round 2. So I'm going to explain how it works and then I'm going to break down some of the artist and my thoughts and opinions. Just like last time I man not show videos or pics for all of them, to conserve space, but I will show ones of my favorite. There's going to be a lot of new faces in this round that I didn't talk about last round because they didn't air. But I do thinking that they deserve to be talked about. So bare with me, it's coming at you as fast as I can! Lets Get It!!!

How this round works.

Each contestant from the last round gets a chain like I said. So in this round each of them get 60 seconds to preform a rap. So the "producers" have a pass or fail button. If they like what they hear in the 60 second time,  they pass if they don't they fail... simple right. Here's the catch. If the contestant has at LEAST ONE producer that pass him he moves on to round three, if not, bye bye to the contestant and or she puts his chain in the ring of fire. 

They pass. 
They Fail.
 Spooky right? 

now like I said above it only takes one judge to pass them. It's not a majority vote. If all fail you and one passes you then your on to the next round. I find this tricky cause most of the time it's the opposite. So now you know how it works lets get down to the performances shall we? 

So the first one up is Penomeco. So it's brought up that Korean hip hop is all about the people you know and that Show Me the Money is just a place to network and use your connections. Now Penomeco is friends with Zico and has known him since they went to school in Japan. This kind of hurt my feelings again because of the fact that the same thing happens with Woo Taewoon. I'm not saying that networking doesn't exist, and I'm not saying that it's not "convenient" that Peno was here. But what I will say is in ROUND 1 Pencomeco wasn't even judged by Zico or Dean or any fellow members of FANXY CHILD. So the fact that he has haters just to me means that he's got someone that idolizes him enough to put him on a pedestal SO BYE HATERS BECAUSE HE FREAKING KILLS IT!!!! Murders the beat... BYE HATERS!!!

Next up was Junoflo. Okay so everyone knows that Junoflo killed it last season and a lot of people were unhappy that Hash Swan got him out. okay we get it. I wasn't expecting anything spectacular out of his performance because it's Junoflo. Like he's so talented. So I expected him to pass. BUT YA'LLLLLLLL IF HE DIDN'T COME OUT AND SLAY.... world was shook. I said to myself that night IF HE DON'T COME OUT HERE AND FREAKING WORK THIS STAGE YA'LL!!!! came out and was like LET ME PLAY WITH THIS BEAT A LITTLE BIT... omg he was one of my favorites this round and it was the only beginning. 

Up next is someone we didn't see in round 1 and I'm disappointed. Not because he wasn't good but because he was FANTASTIC. It through me off guard. I was like WOOO WHY YOU SNEAKING up on everyone like that. You got to give it to me easy you can't just pop out of the blue and be like BAM I'M HERE SNITCHES!!!! his name... Black Nine and ya'll he's become one of the faves. I know I say this a lot but the boy just ... omg ... like I don't even know what to say. His performance had a little of an old school feel and I like that in new rappers.

So next was Na Sang Wook he was one from the US. I had high hopes for him and in the beginning he did so good...lived up to my expectations. BUT!!! he forgot his lyrics whaa whaaa... and rip he was the first one to fail and leave the competition. A lot of US contestants failed quickly afterwords which they a lot of the times do. I don't fee like it's cause they don't have the talent. I feel like a lot of them their Korean just isn't up to par so they get knocked out quicker. And that's all fine I mean it is a Korean show so.

Next is P-Type. We didn't see him in round one either BUT we did see him Show me the Money season 4. I know him for his Haterish thoughts of the show. P-Type is someone who is a "role model" to a lot of KHop people. He has been around for a while. I won't tell you what he said about the show because I'm just lazy if you want to know what he said go watch it LOL. Anyway! In SMTM 4 he lost in round 2 and was voted out. But this round he didn't do that bad, and honestly I was a little shocked. I usually don't like his "style" of rap, but I had respect for him a little after this round.

Ignito is next. "Demon King" okay so I have never heard of this 1st Generation rapper, but when I looked him up after this episode I will be looking him up more. He to me seems to be an AMAZING lyricists and I love rappers like this. Ignito is know for his dark lyrics that's why they call him the "Demon Rapper" or the "Rapper from Hell" I LOVED his old school flow and his lyrics really cool. This is why I love this show so much. I had never heard of this rapper before and now I have a WHOLE new genre of music to listen too!

(more about him in round 3 just wait for it)

Where the is a Devil there has to be an Angel right? Enter Kebee! So here is another one that wasn't in the first round but showed up in this one. He is said to be the opposite of Ignito in every way. Kebee is the CEO of former Soul Company. Where have you heard that name? Oh just from people like Mad Clown and The Quiett. Unfortunately this is all you will see of Kebee in this show because he fell due to forgetting his lyrics.

The next artist I'd like to talk about I talk about a lot in the first round. I didn't know who he was and I don't think anyone else did either. But this boy has legit changed my views on Korean Hip Hop. I don't even know what to say His lyrics "I've heard life was beautiful, but I'm struggling to breath in Hell" you can't say doesn't make you feel some type of way. This artist has become my favorite out of the whole competition Woo Won Jae.... now do I think he can win it? ...IDK but ... if he does.....ya'll ... I will lose all my marbles... like ... I'm behind him 100% right now ... he's my choice hands down.

So next on the list is Trudey Winner of Unpretty Rapstar... honestly I thought she was terrible but Zico and Dean held out. Zico says she can do better.... we will see in round three.

KIllagramz okay so I love the beat he chose honestly. But to me he was he kinda lacked in the lyrics aspect of it.

Absint and rek form the USA are gone. which is okay I wasn't that keen on either one of them.

With all that Manaic from Uptown is in the mix (you don't really see much of him in round 1 just a picture of his face) he did this Busta Rymes type double time that was pretty cool. I liked his deep raspy style voice he has.

We can't forget about the young one though.. It's my Boy i thought he did really well in this round ... and he really did look a mini Dok2 lol I don't know if that's a good thing though....

Digiri is up next and WOO I don't know what he is smoking but he was AWFUL like ... so bad... I hope Tiger JK knows what he's doing.

So Nucksal is next on the list.... honestly I was a little disappointed, because he did his own song. But he did kill it and you can really tell his lvl of talent is different then a lot of the others. Kinda of like watching a NFL vs College football.. same thing but different.

Young B went next Killed it ... there is a reason he was HSR winner.

My boy No:EL was up after him. more negative comments. I liked him in the first round. But he let it get to him I believe and forgot his lyrics and it was bye bye No:el

Although I didn't talk about this artist in the first round he was there. Hangzoo part of Boi B's group, did very well in this round. it turns out that he actually is sick.... He is actually blind in one eye ... was a sad story but he made it ... so that's cool.

So I said this my last post but I'm so happy that Sleepy is here. I don't think he'll get past this round but a lot of people don't know that he is a raper or that he was apart of Jiggy Fellaz or Untouchable. So I really want people to see him for the raper he is.... All that being said.

He Killed IT YA'LL. I LOVE HIM lol I always have and I always will. I just wish people would see him a lot more then they do. Maybe this will help that :D

Okay so that ends it for Round 2 guys stick around next week cause it's round 3 and you know what that means (for the people who watch it)........THIS....MEANS....WAR....that's all I will say :D see ya'll next week ;)

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