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Show Me the Money 6 round 3

Hey everyone it's you favorite Bunny here at HAS, okay so I'm the only Bunny here at HAS, anyway I'm coming at you with the next round of SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!!!

Okay so this is my favorite round, and the rules are simple. Round three is known as the....BATTLE ROUNDS. Why is it my favorite? Who doesn't love a good fight to the death. In this round contestants go head to head in a rap battle. Now what I find interesting about this round is the judges look for who is the best of the two but they also look for who works well the best together and I think that's cool. In this round it really comes down to who put on the best show. And Love that.

So they changed it up a little bit this year. Turns out in round two everyone got the chance to rank and score one another. At the end of the questionnaire the person who's name was called gets to chose from the list of who thinks they could beat them. Ex.. Me and HAS Shanea enter...Shanea puts on her questionnaire that she could beat me and is confident about it so I have the opportunity to pick her to BATTLE. I thought it was kind of cool but I didn't understand the reason for the ranking system. Maybe I missed something.

With this round I'm just going to do a few and I'm going to skip around because there was a lot and I want to get straight to it. I'm going to give you my predictions on the battle and who will win and why then we'll talk about who actually won.

Okay so FIRST UP. P-type vs. Digiri. When I first found out that they were battling I thought Digiri would win for sure. I just see Digiri as a better rapper than P-type. Both of them are old school Korean rappers and have been around for a really long time. I've just never really liked P-type's personality. In round 2 Digiri did horrible and a lot of people were disgusted, and thought that he  shouldn't have made it to the next round, but his plan was to fool everyone and he did. He was amazing this round and shocked the judges. All except Tiger JK who honestly I think was in on it the whole time. The battle wound up being a tie!!! And my heart skipped. They did another one and honestly it was just as good as the first one. In the end P-TYPE was crowned as the winner and given the hat.

Junoflo was on my list next his rank was tied first with Nucksal but he picks someone I've never heard of Simba Zawadi? I picked Junoflo for this one because one it's Junoflo and two that other guy had a weird name. lol  Junoflo killed it like we knew he would and he takes the win.

Punchnello vs Myundo. My prediction was Punch hands down like I've said before I love punch. If you have seen previous seasons you know that Myundo was on season ...5  I believe. He went up in the battles with my hubby Woo Tae Won and it ended up in a 3 or 4 time tie. That... Was my favorite battle of all time. I like Myundo but he always goes against My bias so it's hard for me to truly appreciate him. So they battle and to me first round literally head to head both were so good. And of course it ends in a tie. In the tiebreaker Punchnello forgets his lyrics and gives up. So sad!! You learn later that right before the battle he finds out his Lol is sick and you feel bad for him. But Myundo is the ultimate winner in this one. I was really sad to see him go but I like Myundo too so.

Up next on my list MICRODOT VS MANIAC. okay so we saw a small glimpse of MICRODOT in round one but we've never seen him preform in this season yet. Honestly they should just not let him audition anymore lol Microdot is talented. He has a lot of fts. With people out right now, along with his own singles. It seems like every seasons he comes out and every season he fails lol. My prediction on this one is MANIAC. I like Maniac's tone and flow and his old school style so I chose him. He didn't disappoint you can't just force talent like that. I have never heard of Manaic till this show but I'm glad he's here cause to me he kills Microdot. And the judges thought the same Maniac wins.

So next is Penomeco vs Asol. So In the beginning I knew Pen would win because honestly girls don't make it that far in this show for some reason. But when she opened her !!!!! She shocked EVERYONE!!!! The judges I like Penomeco from the first round and he thought it was gonna be easy....but she came out ready and slicing down all in her way. The two worked well together I thought. And that was cool. (battle below) Asol took that one home in one of the most shocking battles of the season for me.

Lol this next one though. Boi b vs Black 9. So like I said in round 2 I've never heard of Black 9 till round 2 but when he did his fire round I was blown away. And I became a fan. Boi b made a mistake by choosing him I think. And I predicted him as an easy win. I had a lot of hopes coming into this battle because I just knew Boi b was going to lose big time. But honestly it wound up being an evenly matched battle. But my Boi ...... Black 9 wins lol

Hash Swan went up against Jin Doggae? I like Hash's tone really. Kind of reminds me of BeWhy a little. I haven't heard much from Jin Doggae he was on the season of SMTM i didn't watch. I think they worked well together but I honestly thought Hash has a better flow. Then Jin doggae messed his lyrics up and Hash wins.

Sleepy Vs Zesty.... okay so I'm not gonna say again how much I LOVE Sleepy after this. I hope and pray he gets far. I don't think he'll win in fact I didn't think he would win this round after his forgotten lyrics half way through. I still don't really know who Zesty is BUT ... the dude had bars ya'll... like he impressed me. I thought surly Sleepy was out this round BUT sleepy moves on and and it's Zesty that goes home.

Nucksal vs A-Tol next... Another Female rapper I didn't remember until the replay. She reminded me of Queen Latifa for some reason hahaha. What a hard battle though going up against Nucksal she had to be nervous. Cause you know Nucksal got up there and was this and dominated. It showed though cause she forgot her lyrics and couldn't recover. The Judges were so sad though because they were really rooting for her. Nucksal wins with that though and it's on to the next group on my list.

JJk vs Poy. Not gonna lie I had never heard of Poy till not and as far as I'm concerned I don't really care. He to me just ... wasn't what I want to listen too. His lyrics didn't match the beat AT ALL to me. And I was pissed with JJK forgot his lyrics I thought it was gonna be the end. But his Freestyle paid off and he picked it back up. He's not a freestyle champion for nothing ya'll. In the end they took him because of that and JJK moves on to the next round.

I've been saving this one for last because honestly ya'll I've grown to have a....thing for this boy and I can't deny that he makes my heart skip. Woo Won Jae he wound up being 3rd in the rankings and when I tell you I almost fainted with joy, I really did lol. There's just something about this guy that I just really like and I can't help it. Everybody in the building wanted him to go with Ignito because of their similar rapping style and honestly I kinda did too. and that's who he picked !!!! So I was already expecting it to be a really good battle. But this went BEYOND MY EXPECTATIONS. They picked this beat that just suited both of their styles perfectly. Both of them were so poetic and even a little bit strategic about how they did things. I really wanted both of them too stay. WHY COULDN'T BOTH OF THEM JUST STAY!!!!!!!!! OMG !!!!!! At the end of this one I still didn't know who was gonna win. I knew I wanted Won Jae to win but Ignito was really good too... It wound up being a tie and the judges were even more excited about the second try then the first one. (Because it was literally just that good both times) In the end though they felt that they couldn't give Won Jae up and he won the round sending Ignitio out of the show. :( BUT I LOVE YOU WONJAE!!!  He has literally become my favorite of all this season not going to lie.

If you liked Ignito better I wouldn't worry cause guess what!!!! HE'S BACK YA'LL

I won't write any more lol STICK AROUND NEXT WEEK FOR ROUND 4 !!!!!

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